Monday, June 30, 2008

SARC Sports Carnival Celebration Dinner cum Aya's Birthday Party

" spot me in the pic :) "

Photo credits to Bayu Santoso Sunyoto Putra.

After much hard work was put on by the StudentARC members of APIIT, the Annual Sports Carnival was a success. It is finally time that we celebrated the success.

Sports carnival celebration at mid valley nandos

The venue was Mid-Valley's Nando's.

Mihika Jain

Since I told Mihika that she wasn't wearing a-skirt-skirt, she decided to go to Topshop to show me her fashion sense. My thought? No comments...

signing Aya's birthday card

Mihika dragged Aya along with her to the shop while we were signing and leaving wishing messages on a card for Aya.

group picture

Look at the vain guy standing behind... LOL

Aigerim's huge birthday card

Finally she's back and we presented her this HUGE birthday card.

Lesbian kiss interracial

Haha! Guys...Ahem Ahem***

logicyuan camwhoring with aya

Ouch... Sorry, a bit blur due to the lack of practice of camwhoring with a DSLR.

Happy Birthday to Aya

Right before the cake cutting ceremony comes Aravin with the bouquet of flowers.

Aya and the cake

Happy Birthday Aigerim Issabayeva !

SARC Blooper at Nando's

Check out these bloopers :P LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Arrival of Scientology

description and definition of scientology

Few days ago, I checked my pigeon box and I found this parcel lying in there. Its a parcel air mailed to me from America. Guess what? It's from the Church of Scientology International. Their address is in Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles California. How cool is that?

Scientology religion book

The reason I got the book is because they had a google ad on my blog few months ago and I clicked on it to see what they have to say about scientology. After watching their video at, I spotted a column to request for a free book and I entered my address and they airmailed it to me! This actually means they are freaking rich! Most of their disciples are RICH ASSES!

I actually discovered about scientology quite a while back when my friend Yin Tung was telling me about it.

tom cruise scientology religious

It was Tom Cruise that made the world more informed about this 20th Century religion. I searched it online few years ago and checked a little about its history and found out that the founder is a SCIENCE FICTION BOOK WRITER! You can check out his books here. He also committed crime before. You can check out his FBI rap sheet here.

How can a person freaking BELIEVE in a religion that is founded by a guy that writes books about imaginary stuff?

tom cruise idiot scientology

They are very good at using images. As you can see in the picture, I was impressed by its image to text ratio, they are actually very careful in the choice of words not to offend other religions and they used the images to tell the value that they intend to. Very smart I shall say. The religion is kinda weird but also logical in certain ways, it emphasises quite a lot in pscychology though.

Anyway, by writting this post, I am not trying to promote the religion of scientology nor am I a scientologist. The intention of this post is to share my thoughts on receiving the free book and I thought that everyone should increase their knowledge database.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Penang is HOT!

I'm currently in Penang having a warm time! Warm in terms of a warmly home and also in terms of temperature.

Fresh water lobsters Spice Market Rasa Sayang Shangri-La Batu Ferringhi
FOOD! I'm enjoying myself with the food in Penang. Went to Spice Market in Rasa Sayang.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Summer Splash Massacre

Haha! Calling it a "Massacre" is a total exaggeration but it was almost a massacre, just without any lives being taken away. Refer to the previous post about the crazy crowd and lousy crowd control in Sunway Lagoon.

Okay! Now! Due to the fact that the crowd as getting kinda frustrated, to me and my friends own safety and time, we decided that its not worth it, so we escaped from that place. Now the interesting part is how we did it.

This is how the queue looks like from the park:

sunway lagoon summer splash side entrance

the real summer splash summer hunk

Pics courtesy of Nigel.

Summer Splash Summer Hunks

Summer Splash Summer Hike

Pics courtesy of Aaron.

In conclusion, 3 dudes Andrew Dwipa Kencana, Sami Parvez and Loh Ji Yuan climbed over the railing at the side of the cliff like monkeys and got our way back. It was one hell of an experience! Better than queuing and going in!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The outing for Summer Splash!

Pics below were taken by K800i as I forgot to insert my battery into my Alpha-100 before leaving the house.

The crazy crowd in Summer Splash Sunway Lagoon

First, me and my friends went to the Sunway Lagoon main entrance. Then this Sunway Lagoon employee asked whether we're here for Summer Splash and we said yes. He directed us to this side to the connection escalator. We queued and queued. The securities wasn't allowing people to move in from this side. Due to my ignorance and the "INFORMATIVE" employee's directions, we got stuck in the crazy crowd. The crowd you see in the picture is just 2% of the crowd. Do the multiplication with your imagination will you?

People were shouting and crying and pushing and fighting! It was a MESS! Me and my group of friends decided to climb to the cliff at the side and leave the place. Giving 13,000 tickets and each ticket gives admission for 2 person meaning they should expect a 26k crowd. The planning is totally absurd.

Unagi Japanese Food

After we left, we adjourn to a Japanese restaurant. I didn't order the set above. I ordered a Sukiyaki which I enjoyed it a lot.

Later on, we were hanging around Sunway Pyramid. We checked out this Bed shop called Getha. They have fantastic Latex beds.

Mihika Jain Aigerim Issabayeva
Models: Mihika Jain and Aigerim Issabayeva


I bumped into Jamie in the queue to Summer Splash. Hey Jamie, here's the picture I said I would show you:

Jamie Liew Horror Movie Poster
Jamie! Here it is! Since you like Korean stuff, I made you a Korean Movie Poster!

She almost killed me when I wrote a Happy Birthday post for her earlier. OKOK!

Jamie Liew

Jamie is actually a pretty and unpretentious girl. You guys should really drop by her blog and say hi! See her at :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kek Lok Si #5 - Guan Yin and the 12 Zodiacs

After going up to the pagoda, the next destination in Kek Lok Si would be the Bronze Guan Yin of Kek Lok Si Temple; Air Itam, Penang island, Malaysia. 30 m (98.5 ft). Completed in 1999.

Instead of paying for 3 person to take the stupid cable that looks like an inclined lift, I decided to walk down from the pagoda to take my car parked below and drove up to the Bronze Goddess of Mercy Statue.

Kek Lok Si Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin Statue Canopy Construction

After the generous donations by faithful devotees, the construction of the canopy is already in progress, hence we were unable to go near to the statue.

Steven Pongidin riding the tiger zodiac

They have the 12 animal zodiacs there as well!

LogicYuan mimicking a tiger's expression


man sex with pig anal
Is this an example of beastiality? Shouldn't the tagline be Man has anal sex with pig? LOL

tongue french kiss with snake

Should this be my personal ad? Now who wants some tongue? LOL

Steven Pongidin Snake Animal Zodiac

I spotted my snakey being too friendly with another guy...

I confronted her and this was the response I got:

snake bites man python anaconda cobra attacks man

Woman are often unpredictable and they can be as vicious like snakes... LOL

fist on the face man kek lok si bronze guan yin guards

After all these posing and my brother got pissed and threatened to punch me if I do not stop taking pictures... Haha

kek lok si older kuan yin guanyin statue buddha head

At last, the older Kuan Yin Statue of Kek Lok Si. I thought that it would be a nice material for me to do some vector art with this picture. This will be my next flash vector project!

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my trip to Kek Lok Si temple!

Kek Lok Si Series:
Kek Lok Si #1 Hike towards the temple
Kek Lok Si #2 The View, the Guards and the Beggars
Kek Lok Si #3 Before climbing the pagoda
Kek Lok Si#4 Reached the top of Pagoda