Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kek Lok Si #4 - Reached the top of the Pagoda

Continued from the "Before climbing the pagoda" post.

When I reached the top of the tower, I saw this:

couple making out on the tower in the temple holy love

This couple looked like foreign workers. Foreigners in a foreign land with love.

logicyuan heroes fan hiro nakamura pose

Yours truly doing the Hiro Nakamura pose!

Kek Lok Si Temple pagoda pictures wallpaper view tourism penang

A landscape picture of the famous Kek Lok Si Temple.

Loh Ji Yuan Steven Pongidin Derek Ooi

A group picture!

Steven Pongidin grabbing gold from the god of wealth


cats having sex mating in the temple

Spotted this in the holy temple.

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To be continued...


Satkuru said...

LOL i was there too a few days ago and it was fun climbing up that tower with endless stairs :P

teddY said...

Lol the Hiro Nakamura-esque pose of yours made me laugh :) YATTAAAAA!!!

The langscape picture of the temple caught my attention - you've managed to expose the foreground subjects properly with a barely over-exposed sky :D seriously, it's awesome. I usually will get underexposed foreground and overexposed skies, heh.

Anyway the cats mating photo... voyeurism in action! I've spied on dogs mating though, it was... gruesome.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Those two cats must have been so engrossed in their act! Or were you using the telephoto end of your lens? =)

Akira 思胜 said...

that Hiro pose is not the same ler... hahaha...

great photos again!!! is great to have DSLR!!!

Ji Yuan said...

satkuru> oh great!

teddY>Haha..Btw I photoshopped that pic..You don't have to spy on dogs mating,they're not shy..LOL

huiwen7>they were engrossed,i was using kit lense and i was near

Akira>Of course not same...he's so cute..I'm so eww..haha Thanks for the compliments!

teddY said...

Be it a photoshopped photo or not, it's still an amazing one :)

Anonymous said...
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