Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kek Lok Si #2 - The View,the Guard and the Beggars

Steven,Derek and my brother.

After passing through the souvenir stalls and the turtle pond, we finally arrived at the first scene of the temple.

The view is spectacular as you can see.

Tried to take some pics of the beggars. They all will try to face another direction to avoid me having a clear picture of their face.

Malaysians are not ready for impromptu street photography.

To be continued...


maike said...

wish to visit there to see the lighting at night...
surely very nice ger~

Ji Yuan said...

its super crowded at night during CNY...filled with KL ppl..haha

Charles Key said...

u got an Alpha?Cool man!!nice skill time u teach me how to do settings..

about the silk screen thing..the thing is made of silk, it's like a cloth..
u use tht for printing fabric.

Ji Yuan said...

charles>i'm kinda noob la...we can go photoshoot together information a bit