Sunday, June 08, 2008

The outing for Summer Splash!

Pics below were taken by K800i as I forgot to insert my battery into my Alpha-100 before leaving the house.

The crazy crowd in Summer Splash Sunway Lagoon

First, me and my friends went to the Sunway Lagoon main entrance. Then this Sunway Lagoon employee asked whether we're here for Summer Splash and we said yes. He directed us to this side to the connection escalator. We queued and queued. The securities wasn't allowing people to move in from this side. Due to my ignorance and the "INFORMATIVE" employee's directions, we got stuck in the crazy crowd. The crowd you see in the picture is just 2% of the crowd. Do the multiplication with your imagination will you?

People were shouting and crying and pushing and fighting! It was a MESS! Me and my group of friends decided to climb to the cliff at the side and leave the place. Giving 13,000 tickets and each ticket gives admission for 2 person meaning they should expect a 26k crowd. The planning is totally absurd.

Unagi Japanese Food

After we left, we adjourn to a Japanese restaurant. I didn't order the set above. I ordered a Sukiyaki which I enjoyed it a lot.

Later on, we were hanging around Sunway Pyramid. We checked out this Bed shop called Getha. They have fantastic Latex beds.

Mihika Jain Aigerim Issabayeva
Models: Mihika Jain and Aigerim Issabayeva


I bumped into Jamie in the queue to Summer Splash. Hey Jamie, here's the picture I said I would show you:

Jamie Liew Horror Movie Poster
Jamie! Here it is! Since you like Korean stuff, I made you a Korean Movie Poster!

She almost killed me when I wrote a Happy Birthday post for her earlier. OKOK!

Jamie Liew

Jamie is actually a pretty and unpretentious girl. You guys should really drop by her blog and say hi! See her at :)


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wooo.. logicyuan! that was a scary poster!! pitty yr friend, jamie! but nice work, you've achieved the scary look! :)

Samizium said...

I wanna see the cliff pics!!

Jeannie said...

hahaha! my sister looks like that when she's gloomy XD kidding! (after kena hantam by her>.<)

Jeffro said...

oh.. so this was wut suresh was hoo-hah-ing.. I see.. Jamieeeee.. ooo

*wo tehn je ni hui lai, wo tehn je ni hui lai, wo xiang je ni hui lai, wo xiang je ni hui lai*

yileen said...

Ah Jamie~!! That poster really does her no justice!