Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Orgasmic Audio with Headphones!

I just started using Stumble Upon one week ago and it has been bringing lots of online entertainment to me.


Just 10 minutes ago, my Malawian friend Sami sent me a link in Stumble Upon about this audio clip done with Binaural Recording technology. Let me tell you! This is totally MIND-BLOWING! IT'S WICKED!!!!

Binaural recording
is a method of recording audio which uses a special microphone arrangement intended for replay using headphones.
(Check out the wikipedia page of Binaural Recording here)

So get your Headphones ready! Plug it into your PC, and close your eyes when you are listening to it!

Don't even bother to try listening to it with speakers, it doesn't work, you'll just hear some stupid sound if you use the speaker.

Use a pair of headphones!

Make sure you close your eyes!

If you don't try it, you'll regret it!

The link is here!

Take care of your hair! LOL You'll know what I mean later!

(tip: there's one part the audio stop suddenly,i don't know what the problem is but you just need to click play and it will continue,its not because of buffer speed.)


teddY said...

Wow this is interesting! And yes the speakers don't work simply because there is noise from the surrounding that prevents your brain from attempting to interpret the differences between the left and right channels. Anyway thanks for the link!

I got a little spooked out when the electric razor got so close to my left and right ears! I thought he's going to cut them off, haha! As well as the whisper at my left ear, it's so realistic (and a little unnerving)

Nesh_Aran said...

very nice..me n my friends listen and was amused by it...more like tis bro...tc

Eric said...

Wow ... Totally shocked ... !