Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Orgasmic Audio with Headphones!

I just started using Stumble Upon one week ago and it has been bringing lots of online entertainment to me.


Just 10 minutes ago, my Malawian friend Sami sent me a link in Stumble Upon about this audio clip done with Binaural Recording technology. Let me tell you! This is totally MIND-BLOWING! IT'S WICKED!!!!

Binaural recording
is a method of recording audio which uses a special microphone arrangement intended for replay using headphones.
(Check out the wikipedia page of Binaural Recording here)

So get your Headphones ready! Plug it into your PC, and close your eyes when you are listening to it!

Don't even bother to try listening to it with speakers, it doesn't work, you'll just hear some stupid sound if you use the speaker.

Use a pair of headphones!

Make sure you close your eyes!

If you don't try it, you'll regret it!

The link is here!

Take care of your hair! LOL You'll know what I mean later!

(tip: there's one part the audio stop suddenly,i don't know what the problem is but you just need to click play and it will continue,its not because of buffer speed.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

ADV: Meet Soh Hem Sem or Meet So Logic?

Few days ago, I saw this Soh Hem Sem guy around the net and begin to ask myself, what's so "Hem Sem" about him?

Soh Hem Sem So Handsome

I logged on the site and saw this "stim" fella on the main page, he looks blur and all. There's these few buttons where you can click to make him change his hairstyle, try checking it out, they're kinda cool.

Soh Hem Sem kena from nenek

One that I liked most is the "Meet the Granny" part where she made him look like this good boy with the conventional old school center parting hairstyle, after that he quickly waxes his hair and turns himself into a cool guy.

Being LogicYuan myself, isn't it illogical if I do not do something to match this "soh chai"?

Lamest hairstyle in the world

LogicYuan with his crappy look... Having low self esteem, unwilling to meet people, always hiding in his corner at home....

some stupid random hairstyle

He decides to do something about his life and starts off slow with a random hairstyle...

Okay, that ain't good enough...

Dumbass Logic

Logic found out that he had failed to be trendy and got a little sad, he turns himself into this dumbass...

sixties logic hairstyle brylcreem

Suddenly, he wants to go old school with the superman hook...

logic nerd introvert holding books

After spending so much time styling his hair, his parents are yelling at him to study for the upcoming exams! That's when the Nerdy and introvert Logic comes to show...

logicyuan the big boss

Having much consideration, LogicYuan thinks its better to be the bully than to be bullied!

Who's your daddy?!?!

Punk Logic

Logic actually wants to be a punk!
(insider joke:but not with flowers on his head)

wacky logic rock

Now I let you comment on my facial expression? LOL

the cool logicyuan

Ok! Finally its a look where Logically he can be himself in it...

crazy looking logicyuan

In the end, logic got all crazy and starting to question himself: "Is this all logical?!?!"


Last but not least, they have this home made ad competition for brylcreem, I watched the top 3 winners, and they were very cool and creative. The kid in the "Brylcreem Ad For All Ages" is so cute can!
Check it out for yourself here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grand Opening of Super Sony Centre at One Utama

This is NOT a paid post.

Grand Opening of  Super Sony Centre at One Utama

Last Friday, I was invited to the Grand Opening of Malaysia's 1st BLU RAY WORLD & Best Denki Sony Centre. Thanks to Katherine from MediaMax.

It started off with the speeches by the Japanese officials, representatives from MediaMax, One Utama etc. Ok I'll leave the coverage of the boring speeches to the newspapers, for my blog, let's move on the next agenda.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Grand Opening of Super Sony Centre at One Utama

Here comes the ribbon cutting ceremony.

the largest super sony centre at one utama

Have a glance of the Largest Super Sony Centre at One Utama. The floor area is approximately 3800 sq. feet.

The Japanese Big Shots in front of the new age LCD tv BRAVIA Mr.Naoi Sudo Mr.K.Kakuro Mr.Kazuo Nakai
Mr. Kazuo Nakai, Mr. Naoi Sudo, Mr. K.Kakuro

Three Managing Directors posing!

SONY BRAVIA LCD TV beautiful colours sharp screen

Nowadays, a LCD TV is on every household's home entertainment wanted list. Having a LCD TV together with a PS3 would be PERFECT!

Sony Blu-Ray World
Sony Blu-Ray World at Super Sony Centre, One Utama.

I personally love high resolution videos. When the Blu-Ray format was first launched, I remember surfing the whole net to get samples of the quality. I even downloaded some Blu-Ray rip torrent of some movies. They were all awesome. The clarity of the video allows you to even judge the texture of surfaces without stressing your eyes. MediaMax have now released 66 Blu-Ray movie titles from Sony Pictures Home entertainment. They are planning to release 3 new titles every month.

According to Jamie Tiong from MediaMax.com, the Blu-Ray movie sales increased from the initial 500pcs/month to 1000pcs/month. Their target is to have 10,000pcs sold in 2008. I personally think that the sales is still low because of the pricing. A piece of Blur-Ray movie disc is priced at RM149.90. Due to its impeccable quality, it is inevitable to have such a pricing, but it is still few times cheaper than the once almighty Laser Disc was launched 3 decades ago.

That is not all. The Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player cost around 4k which is only affordable to the upper class income group. I'd rather buy a Playstation 3 that can play Blu-Ray movies as well as Blu-Ray games which are awesome!

Lego Decoration at the Grand Opening of  Super Sony Centre at One Utama

The cute lego decorations caught my attention while I was looking at the HD video cameras.

Japanese customers intrigued with sony products in malaysia

"Satu Rumah Satu Blu-Ray", when is that happening? We'll see...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A bastard without an Ass

Sorry to Nigel for not going to the blogger movie outing with him. I had commitments for the Student Council in my college. I went to survey the site of the sports carnival that is going to happen next month.After that we went to Mid Valley to check out the stuffs that we need to buy for the non-sports events.

Note: Foreigners in APIIT tend to recognise Mid Valley as Megamall and they're not wrong. It's suppose to be Mid Valley Megamall but then there are so many megamalls over here, so try to say Mid Valley and the taxi driver will understand it.

Spent 40 minutes just to find a parking lot in Keat Hoe's car. There were these barbaric beings that snatches our spots. I seriously advise people out there not to drive a car to Mid Valley on wekeends around lunch time. Being stressed out in the car for 40 minutes isn't healthy!

a bastard without an ass

I bought this bread in the supermarket there and it's name is the best term to describe those beings.

BATARD - A bastard without an 's'.WITHOUT AN ASS!

"Batard" is the French word for the English "bastard".1 In both languages, these words refer to illegitimacy, or what Dictionary.com states as "something of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin."

Batard (emphasis on the -tard) in bread circles refers to an inferior baguette, typically half the length and many times the width of a classic baguette. (Traditional baguettes are about 2 inches in diameter and anywhere from 15 to 40 inches in length.) The long slender shape of a baguette maximizes the crust to bread ratio, but requires more time and labor to achieve than its squat batard cousin
Source:Fanatic Cook

It has been a long time since I did not make any updates in the weekends and nobody actually screamed at me for not doing that. *It has happened before*

Thanks for understanding!

There's this pile of tags I haven't reply:

Nigel: Lama tak pigi Penang..
-Jom pigi! Penang = syokness!

Ruby: cats mating... -.-"
-Part of nature?

azhan: yooohhh so hiao lah you take meow meow hiao wan
-I'm just capturing it for people that hasn't seen it before.

imin: haha that sexy bunny is so attrative :DD
-Btw, that's a dude..not a chick! Haha

Kenny: my EYE burnt! 18Rated cat Scene LOL
-Haha, in cat years, they're older than 18

smashpOp: i see derek! whos da tall gu
-He's my housemate Steven!

kenneth: walau... did tis kind of thg in front of the god. geng'
-Well, ask the cats? I have no idea

Chee Wei: ahh i miss kek lok si temple...been there long long time ago..
-Go again!It's really nice!

Joshua: Holy Cat! :P
-Haha... HooOOOOoly Cat!

fattien: Y didn't scencors that part...miao miao having sex...lolz
-I didn't capture the part where the sexual organs are attached, so the censorship is still fine right?

jordan: yatta!!

Eric: Dropping to pay u a visit ...!
-Thank you very much! Arigato Gosaimasu

Justin: Wahh... Cats mating you also capture....
-Yeah lo..if not how you guys see?

LoOnG Er: i like ur photos...
-Thanks for the compliments...

Rames: OMG CATS doing ERM ERM oso wanna take pics LOLOLOL

minny: ei. omg ure in penang now meh?
-NoNO! The pics were taken back before CNY

naomi: i just really really love the way you take the pics. -u get this a lot loll..but seriously!woww....
-I appreciate your compliments! Thanks!

erisha: ewww lizards!!!! dislike em dislike em!
erisha: lol sorry jz cant stand lizards or anything lizard-like. =)
-Haha I'm sorry if it offends you, scaaaary isn't it? LOL

LoOnG Er: ahhhh you suuuuck larrr..go and suuuck some ballllss...
- Thanks IMPOSTER from Singapore for SPAMMING...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kek Lok Si #4 - Reached the top of the Pagoda

Continued from the "Before climbing the pagoda" post.

When I reached the top of the tower, I saw this:

couple making out on the tower in the temple holy love

This couple looked like foreign workers. Foreigners in a foreign land with love.

logicyuan heroes fan hiro nakamura pose

Yours truly doing the Hiro Nakamura pose!

Kek Lok Si Temple pagoda pictures wallpaper view tourism penang

A landscape picture of the famous Kek Lok Si Temple.

Loh Ji Yuan Steven Pongidin Derek Ooi

A group picture!

Steven Pongidin grabbing gold from the god of wealth


cats having sex mating in the temple

Spotted this in the holy temple.

Kek Lok Si Series:
Kek Lok Si #1 Hike towards the temple
Kek Lok Si #2 The View, the Guards and the Beggars
Kek Lok Si #3 Before climbing the pagoda

To be continued...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Logical Quote

Note:I'm going to Port Dickson for the weekend.

Heywood Broun Quote

"The tragedy of life is not that man loses, but that he almost wins"-Heywood Broun

When I first saw this quote, it reminds me of certain events of my past. It relates to my life. I really believe in this quote as I felt extremely bad when I lost in a competition few years ago due to unfair judge panels.

Heywood Campbell Broun (December 7, 1888 - December 18, 1939) was an American journalist. He worked as a sportswriter, newspaper columnist, and editor in New York City. He founded the American Newspaper Guild, now known as The Newspaper Guild. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is best remembered for his writing on social issues and his championing of the underdog. He believed that journalists could help right wrongs, especially social ills.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

March '08 Orientation

March 08 orientation

2 and a half weeks ago, it was APIIT/UCTI's March Intake 2008 Orientation week.

I was involved a little in programme ideas and helped here and there.

The coolest part of this time's orientation is the Mini sketch. Students were asked to dress a model with newspapers and the thread given. Then perform a short sketch with the model. I suggested the theme to be "Futuristic" as they are fresh technology students with good imagination in a high tech way!

technology students working hard apiit

What impresses me the most is having the students to give their best shot for the activity. The attitude was great and the energy level was high.

DIY shoes

Nice shoes huh?

double happiness

The leading designer and her model. Both with a wide smile :)

politician in the making

Most of the costumes and sketches were great. This costume really caught my eye having the Malaysian Government Cabinet attached to his body. Take note of the Malaysia's current Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak on his shoulder. Haha :D

sexy bunny
He's a dude k!
Here comes our sexy bunny. I admire his courage. He reminds me of myself when I used to cross dress for sketches. This concept works most of the time, its always funny and attracts a whole lot of attention. This dude actually asked whether I will post his photos in public but I told him no names will be shown.

Bollywood Spartan

Bollywood's version of King Leonidas? Haha! He should have shouted:"This is Bollywood!"

most creative newspaper outfit

Thumbs up to this group! In my opinion, this was the creative outfit of the day!

Zorro Time travel to the future

This team with the Zorro concept was quite good with their sketch. They paid more effort towards the sketch than the outfit and it paid off. He can actually time travel to different time dimensions to save the day. Plus, he's contacted through his high tech cell phone that can call even from few thousand years ahead. Sounds absurd? hey peeps, its a skecth!

apiit ucti auditorium orientation students listening

Everybody paying attention to the performances.

March 2008 college orientation fashion show group picture
(Click on the pic for larger image)

At last the large group pic of the designers and models.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I left out your picture doesn't mean that you don't get to see them. I've uploaded the rest of the photos into my facebook photo albums.

Below are the links for the photos:

APIIT/UCTI March '08 Orientation pics Album 1
APIIT/UCTI March '08 Orientation pics Album 2

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Photoshoot at Kanching Waterfalls

2 weeks ago, I went for my first blogger photoshoot outing. The destination was Hutan Lipur Kanching a.k.a. Kanching Forest Reserve. This recreation park is located off the trunk road between Selayang and Rawang. I was told that there's 7 waterfalls in that park, that's why I'd rather call the place Kanching Waterfalls than Kanching Park.

Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Kanching Waterfalls Beautiful waterfalls Gorgeous Waterfalls Nice Waterfall

Now who says we can only get good waterfalls overseas? Well, some people get really proud when they talk about traveling around the world to many different countries but they never realise the true beauty that is just few miles away from their doorstep.

Decaying Leaf Kanching Waterfalls Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Selayang Rawang

It was kind of an easy hike to all 7 waterfalls, mainly because I used to hike a lot during my high school days. Some of my friends had quite a hard time and had to stop for some rest in between.

Insect bug Kanching Waterfalls Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Selayang Rawang

Kanching Waterfalls is still in good condition without any major destruction of flora and fauna. But near the camping and picnic section, there are a lot of unwanted littering by uncivilised homosapiens.

Garbage Kanching Waterfalls Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Selayang Rawang

This is a sore in the eye and also a painful sight for our camera lenses. I hope that the Selangor City Council will pay some effort to to remove this unsightly view, but it is the civic consciousness of the visitors that needs some rectification.

Hair wash Kanching Waterfalls Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Selayang Rawang

At first, we thought this must be a deserted park but after some time, more and more people came in. People were there to hike, swim, picnic etc. There were a group of people having a seafood barbeque, the aroma of the crustaceans being cooked made our stomach drum roll.

AlvinC kanching waterfalls

Guess? Leaves? WTF?

Lizards at Kanching Waterfalls

It was this little lizard that caught all of our attention.

the lizard movie cicakman poster

At one point, all the DSLRs were pointing towards it. I bet it felt like it was the attending the premiere of "The Lizard" starring the Lizard from Kanching. It's acting standards might surpass Malaysia's very own superhero - Cicakman. Cicakman is actually nothing like the Handsome saves the Beauty type of superhero, it is a witty comedy with some really irritating characters in it.

Kanching Forest Reserve Hutan Lipur Kanching Kanching Waterfalls Beautiful waterfalls Gorgeous Waterfalls Nice Waterfall

I'm a person that really have a soft spot for waterfalls. Especially the cool and refreshing feeling that it gives when the water slides between and over the rocks. At many points, I wanted to just jump into the water but I didn't prepare any spare clothing.

Bloggers at Kanching Waterfalls

It was my first time going to a photoshoot with bloggers. They taught me a lot of stuff about photography. I was a little disappointed when I found out quite a number of my pictures turn out quite badly but everyone has their first time. I hope to capture and immortalise more and more beautiful scenery for my viewers in the near future.