Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Men & Women


When she is 18 - She is a football, 22 men going after her.

When she is 28 - She is a hockey ball, 8 men going after her.

When she is 38 - She is a golf ball, 1 man hitting on her.

When she is 48 - She is a pingpong ball, 2 men pushing to each other.


At 20 - A man is like a coconut, so much to offer, so little to give.

At 30 - He is like a durian, dangerous but delicious.

At 40 - He is like a watermelon, big, round and juicy.

At 50 - He is like a mandarin orange, the season comes once in a year.

At 60 - He is just like a raisin, dried out, wrinkles and cheap.


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