Wednesday, April 09, 2008

March '08 Orientation

March 08 orientation

2 and a half weeks ago, it was APIIT/UCTI's March Intake 2008 Orientation week.

I was involved a little in programme ideas and helped here and there.

The coolest part of this time's orientation is the Mini sketch. Students were asked to dress a model with newspapers and the thread given. Then perform a short sketch with the model. I suggested the theme to be "Futuristic" as they are fresh technology students with good imagination in a high tech way!

technology students working hard apiit

What impresses me the most is having the students to give their best shot for the activity. The attitude was great and the energy level was high.

DIY shoes

Nice shoes huh?

double happiness

The leading designer and her model. Both with a wide smile :)

politician in the making

Most of the costumes and sketches were great. This costume really caught my eye having the Malaysian Government Cabinet attached to his body. Take note of the Malaysia's current Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak on his shoulder. Haha :D

sexy bunny
He's a dude k!
Here comes our sexy bunny. I admire his courage. He reminds me of myself when I used to cross dress for sketches. This concept works most of the time, its always funny and attracts a whole lot of attention. This dude actually asked whether I will post his photos in public but I told him no names will be shown.

Bollywood Spartan

Bollywood's version of King Leonidas? Haha! He should have shouted:"This is Bollywood!"

most creative newspaper outfit

Thumbs up to this group! In my opinion, this was the creative outfit of the day!

Zorro Time travel to the future

This team with the Zorro concept was quite good with their sketch. They paid more effort towards the sketch than the outfit and it paid off. He can actually time travel to different time dimensions to save the day. Plus, he's contacted through his high tech cell phone that can call even from few thousand years ahead. Sounds absurd? hey peeps, its a skecth!

apiit ucti auditorium orientation students listening

Everybody paying attention to the performances.

March 2008 college orientation fashion show group picture
(Click on the pic for larger image)

At last the large group pic of the designers and models.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I left out your picture doesn't mean that you don't get to see them. I've uploaded the rest of the photos into my facebook photo albums.

Below are the links for the photos:

APIIT/UCTI March '08 Orientation pics Album 1
APIIT/UCTI March '08 Orientation pics Album 2


Akira 思胜 said...

The fashion show is nice!! Really creative for the freshies....

usws said...

Thank goodness it isn't like those day where the seniors would torture the new comers. Especially at this age where we're capable of thinking and standing up for ourselves, going overboard with this would end up with someone being killed. Probably by me.


p.s. When there's nothing to lose, someone's gonna lose their life.

Kopi Soh said...

Reminds me of Project Runway :D
Very creative.

Jamie said...

is college THIS fun?! if so, I WANNA GO TO COLLEGE NOW!

Anonymous said...

i like the

浩然仔 said...

you get so close to the people when you shoot, i like it...and i do this way too, pal~

Faris Almas-Lee a.k.a Slider said...

Hey wheres my pic?? Im the hiro nakamura ninja!!

Ji Yuan said...


USWS>We don't RAG in APIIT

Kopi Soh>Yeah!

Jamie>not everywhere is this fun!its only fun because I'm part of the organising team for the orientation..LOL

gary>the shoes are special!


Faris>Your pic is in my facebook album..look at the links at the end of the post,those are the albums of the orientation