Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hitz.FM cruiser at APIIT RED week

During the RED week, cruisers dropped by APIIT/UCTI! Cruiser

So literally, its time for games and freebies!

T-shirt giveaway
(The first two guys that removed their shirt and put on the t-shirt gets to take it home!)

They asked some simple questions and the ones who could answer them received some prizes.

I had my share. I won a magazine, a sunblock and a t-shirt. cruiser crews

One interesting game that they had was called Proposal, Marriage and Divorce.
Standing side by side like in the picture above stands for Marriage

Proposal Game
Mike proposing to Mihika.

When he says Proposal! The guy have to pose as if you're proposing and in this case it means kneeling down.

Divorce Game

Why's Darshini staring at me?

It's tiring to be men

After some elimination rounds, Mike and Mihika won!

Mike Gomez Suresh Ashutosh

Indian hunks+Purple Colour+Fierce car = Bollywood? Haha

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Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, looks fun!!! donno Penang got or not...