Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mommy's Yoghurt Cake

Mommy's Yoghurt Cake

My mom made a wonderful yoghurt cake! I think this is the fourth time she made this. The first time she made it,she dropped it and her friend splashed into tears witnessing such a lovely cake wasted just like that. I managed to have a taste of it the 2nd time she made it and it was really great.She made one few days ago but most of them are given to her friends.Today she made it again... so she asked me to take some pictures of it lo...

It takes her 6 hours to make it so if you can pay RM100 for one cake then maybe n *MAYBE* I can persuade her to make for you! haha


Nyokk said...

omg it looks so yummylicious

annachuu said...

I'm hungry =P