Thursday, June 29, 2006

Student bullies are different in Chung Ling High

After the recent student bully case in Johor, everyone got aware of the importance of students' discipline but

School Light Sabre Battle"just recent recent ago,
in a near near island,
there's a school
called Chung Ling,
a student bully case
with light sabres happened!"
Just a sneak preview! Stay tune for the full bullying process......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LogicYuan's Wisdom Tooth gonna say GoodBye !

Wisdom tooth

I went to the Penang Adventist Hospital's Dental Clinic yesterday to seek consultancy about my tootache. Although the discomfort is slight, I decided to check it out early before it gets more severe.

I waited for 2 hours n 30 minutes before I could have a look at the dentist's face, he was so damn busy that day. 2 seconds after I told him that I'm having some discomfort at the right bottom section of my set of teeth, he immediately told me that I'm suffering from

He told me he was gonna do some
scaling and apply some antibiotics in the area. So a huge injection syringe appeared before my eyes. That's one scary needle, if i've not mistaken its about 20 cm long. I tried to imagine happy things, eg. myself scoring a world cup goal for Malaysia and winning the tennis grand slam at Wimbledon. It didn't hurt too much after all.

Now I need a wisdom tooth extraction....and its tomorrow....I heard it hurts and they have to cut the tooth into two then only remove......argh!!!!!! scary !!!! nvm la....will tell ya'll abt the experience...

See ya for now !

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yummy ! Some food from Ipoh !

Mixed Fruit with Shaved Ice

Let's have " Chap Guo Shuet " ! ( Mixed Fruit with Shaved Ice )

Its totally delicious with the price of RM 3.50 !!!

Its in a stretch of hawker stalls in Ipoh opposite a coffee shop called MAN U ?! LOL ?

Mixed Fruit with Shaved Ice

Buntung Tauge ChickenDelicious Tauge

If you ever visit Ipoh, do go to this place called buntung to try the tauge n chicken !!!

Its way better than those commercialised ones in town !

Thanks to smashpOp

The latest header is up! Thanks to smashpOp that took the effort to make me a new one! Thanks !

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Header by smashpOp

I received the header that smashpOp designed for me which looks like this :

To be honest, I'm quite disappointed with what he did for me.

I shall show you guys what some of my readers think about it :

Lawlen : OMG ... macam swamp monster

Mel : i can tell he didnt put in 100% effort. with his skill, this isnt good

ChengSim : i like the bottom decor, ur face looks like a newspaper picture

ahbeng : er...da banner doesnt match with ur blog...macam waldrobe malfunction aje

terran : wah ur blog like shit lo the header

Haiz... sobz sobz...

But I sent an email to smashpOp telling him this situation and I requested for some alteration. I'm currently waiting for his reply. Hopefully he'll understand and help me!

So temporarily, I'll stick back to my old header that was designed by

Friday, June 23, 2006

I won the smashpOp PIMPS YOU challenge !

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Below is my acceptance speech that I posted in smashpOp's comments section :

Its my turn for my so called *speech*

ChengSim ( the runner up ) asked me to join in the fun.

Thank You everyone. First of all,I would like to say thank you to my mom n dad that brought me up to be a healthy human being and provide internet connection so that I would have the opportunity to blog despite threatening me to cut it off sometimes.

Next to all the friends that helped me PIMP over here that includes certain friends from my ISM nothern region champion teammates Melvin Goh,Cho Wei Yuan(Neo) n Lawlen, and also my classmate that sits beside me in class Ghee Hong(terran) and a Hong Kong friend of mine Heithen (quokes).Not to be neglected is ChengSim that PIMPed a few times for me.Every PIMP counts although I think I won by quite a big margine. You all contributed towards this.

Since given the oppurtunity, I'm delighted to express my love to my blog readers that have been supporting my humble blog(only an accumulated approx. 9k visitors) since April 2005 which is quite sad actually.

Last but not least, tons of appreciations to Mr.Jason Goh a.k.a smashpOp that created the opportunity for me to show my passion towards blogging and supporting your creative and interesting blog. This PIMPing contest increased my blog's traffic in the huge blogosphere. I also knew some friends through the organised event... One of them is ChengSim... If there wasn't a PIMPing contest over here, we wouldn't have each other's contact and share our thoughts about blogging. And I'm still patiently awaiting for my prizes especially the header which I have been craving for months and somemore its from the creative hands of smashpOp.

Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! and Thank You ! everyone...

Just drop by my blog if you're free at

You guys are also welcomed to add me in MSN messenger at


Go visit he's a great blogger ! He takes great pics !

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Crazy Coca Cola Star Wars Ad...

I'm the one drinking coke.....haha

Must admit its a bit noobie la.... paiseh

Friday, June 16, 2006

Jap Cuties Turned Sexy 2 !






Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jap Cuties Turned Sexy !