Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mdm. Premalata's B'day Cake

Few weeks ago,she told us that she will be away for a week for a trip to Oregon,USA and we were doing the same old thing to her telling her we are so "SAD" that we won't be able to see her for a week and we will "MISS" her and stuffs.
A few days later we asked many question about her like we usually do to keep her chatting and reduce the teaching time. We found out that her birthday is on the 14th of October and she will not be in Penang on that day, so we had a plan to celebrate it before she leaves which is on 10.10.05(Monday).
IN the beautiful 10th October morning she came into class during the first period which is an EST period. I asked her whether she wants a birthday party or not and she was very happy accept it, BUT we laughed and I said : "Teacher, we said for fun only,you believe?"

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