Monday, October 17, 2005

Japanese Encounter

Just yesterday I planned to workout in the gym at BJCC. Since I'll be there,I thought I might as well play some tennis with my friend Jia Long to give him some encouragement.After playing with him,I go to the golfers' changing room to take a bath.

After my bath,I put on my clothes and headed to the hairdryer.I saw this Japanese walked past me on the way to the shower exposing his genitals,I wasn't really shock as it's the changing room although its not what normal local people do.I've seen men exposing their full body there around a dozen times and all of them are Japanese.

Next,I went to open my locker and put on my shoes.The Japanese man came out from the shower and approached me.He saw me carrying a large tennis bag so he asked whether I am a tennis player in English(Japanese slang).I replied "ya".

He told me he loves tennis very much,I was being friendly but I think I wasn't friendly enough.Somemore,he asked where I'm from,I told him I'm from Penang and he gave me a curious look thinking that how on earth I can be a Malay when I look so chinese.He asked again curiously "You are from...?",I told him I am chinese.

He thought that I was a PRO,saying "You play professional?",I smiled and told him I am just 16 years old.Then,he asked whether I play ITF tournaments,in my mind I was like "Oh My God!" and I simply denied and told him I just play some local tournaments.

As my grandpa was on they way to pick me up,I told him it was nice to meet him and left.While I was waiting I kept thinking I should have been more friendly,at least I should shake hands with him although he was wet with a towel around his waist.I should even talked to him about his golf game as I also play some golf,ask him whether it is true that its cheaper to travel and play than to play in Japan and many many other things.

I was a bit excited and I forgot that I went for some Japanese classes and should've said a few Japanese words.

It was just me sitting there waiting while thinking I should have been more friendly and warm as a Malaysian to foreigners that visits our country.Not long after that,he came out walking to his car and I spotted him among his friends and I gave him a warm smile and he did the same too.I overheard him saying " Tennis player des " to his friends during his walk.

I've met many foreigners and was able to correspond well with people of various cultures but this is just one of my few encounters with foreign strangers and I guess I will be more prepared if I meet somemore in the future.

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Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a krzay blogger down-under in New Zealand. There is an old saying - "There are no strangers in the world, just friends that you haven't met".
Take care