Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friendster Testimonial Anaylisis No.4

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Thanks for the compliment Yi Qiao ! I don't know I have sharp features,but to be honest do I have?

Alamk,disturb by acne.....YA,it was terrible back then last december...My face was in terrible condition!!! when I say terrible,it is definitely terrible,horrible and "vegetable" !! LOLx...
Now different,cured already,you can see my clear face in my blog!

Very straight with my words huh? ya, its true when I'm with true friends.Should be told in a different way?I think so but being my true friend they'll understand me.

Very wise and full of knowledge on almost everything......hmm....thanks once again,I guess maybe I'll have to agree...haha

Friends Forever to you too PAL !

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