Friday, July 06, 2012

Just found this post in my drafts..Written 2009

I went to Sunway Lagoon yesterday. I was with my high school buddies. We were all very enthusiastic about reliving the happy moments at the park like we did 2 years ago. We changed into swimming attire and rushed to the water park. At that point of time, I would say anyone can easily notice the eagerness in our eyes. I carried the float and ran up the stairs to the water ride, looking forward to some thrills and spills. We placed our floats and sat there, we gave each other the "this is gonna be fun" look, 3...2...1...GO!!! Within 2 seconds, I didn't feel what I was expecting, the water was not flowing fast enough and extra resistant strips were added. We went on all the other rides thereafter but it seems like Mr.Thrill decided to take a nap. Although the excitement level of the rides have been reduced to cut electricity and water cost, it somehow made me think was it because of the physical factor or maybe we no longer get excited by water rides. At the end, I think its because our expectations was too high, as my friend told me, memory is sometimes better than reality.

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