Thursday, November 01, 2012


Not long ago, the SAYS community wanted to find out what Malaysian social media users like you thought about the 2013 Budget. If you answered the survey from SAYS recently, you made it into this infographic! :) Interesting? Share with fellow Malaysians, guys! We also provided the embed code for websites & blogs at the bottom after the infographic.

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

3 Awesome Productivity Boosting Features from Stainless Browser for Mac

[Mips #5]

If you're not in the mood to read, just download this awesome multi-processing browser for OS X called Stainless and test it out!

As I was looking into Google Analytics to study page speed for on different browsers, I saw a significant improvement in Internet Explorer's performance since IE9, the average page loading time for Internet Explorer was significantly faster than Chrome, Firefox and Safari. What a pleasant surprise.

My colleagues and friends that are on Windows, learn more about IE9 here:

Well, I'm not going to change my operating system like the guy above and he could just install a virtual machine if he wants, so I started looking for alternative browsers for Mac other than the usual Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

Found 2 browsers that got some good reviews.
1. Stainless - An indie version of Chrome
2. Camino - An indie version of Firefox

YES, I'm now using Stainless and I'm loving it. It just has features that answers the browser woes of modern day internet users that multitask a lot with different logins. Its not new, its just that I've never heard of it before.

I'll summarise it to 3 main awesome points of Stainless that will boost your productivity!

1. Each Tab runs independently in a separate process

Remember your whole browser gets slowed down or crash because of 1 page is crappy? This won't happen with Stainless, because each tab runs separately!

2. Parallel sessions, which allow you to log into a website using different accounts in separate tabs at the same time.

I used to use Chrome and Firefox to separate work and personal accounts. When I needed to login another account, I use Chrome's incognito mode but no matter how many different windows or tab you have, its still the same session.

3. Much awaited Session-Aware Bookmarks on a slim and sexy side bar

What's more awesome is that on top of the parallel sessions, bookmarks in Stainless "brings along" their respective web cookies which may override cookies in other sessions.

See my bookmarks of my work & personal mail, different twitter and accounts for different countries that I use for work. I no longer have to login one by one over and over again.
What this means is, if you open a new Single Session tab, log into Gmail with "Stay signed in" checked, then save a bookmark from your Single Session, your login to Gmail will be saved along with the book mark.

So the combo of Session-Aware bookmarks and Single Session tabs allows you to save multiple bookmarks to web sites and services where you may have more than one account.

I just installed it however be mindful that Stainless is still in development and doesn't yet have all the features you'd find in a production-ready browser. You can still use it though, just download it here.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream When I want you...

Mood for the morning... Quiet in the office today...

Have you heard of this song before?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Term Solution for your Mac Desktop Screenshot Clutter

[Mips #3]

Now I know you love taking screenshots on your Mac, the fact that its so easy, you start by taking important screenshots then you slowly develop a habit of taking any screen that interests you that you might not even use in aeons until you've stuffed enough files on your Chimpanzee desktop wallpaper and feel like vomiting when you look at it, then you start organizing the screenshots manually in your folders and because you absolutely love taking useless screenshots, you end up getting fed up having to organize them periodically.

See also: 6 Different Screenshot Shortcuts on Mac

Here's a long term solution for Mac Screenshot Lovers, get your Mac to automatically save the screenshots in a separate folder.

Create a new folder that you'd like the screenshots to save in. You don't have to do this if you want the screenshots to save in an existing folder. Make sure the folder name has no space in it, if not it won't work. In this case, I created a folder on my desktop and renamed it to 'screenshot'.

Go to Spotlight on the top corner of your screen and type 'terminal' then open the application.

Type the command below in Terminal and press enter to execute. You have to change the username and foldername in the command below according to your Mac(highlighted in green below). Once again, make sure your folder name has no space in it or else it won't work.

defaults write location /Users/username/desktop/foldername

Note: resh = Mac username & screenshots = specified folder on desktop

Now, type and execute the command below in Terminal
killall SystemUIServer

Close the Terminal application and you're done! Screenshots taken now will save in the specified folder!

6 Different Screenshot Shortcuts on Mac

[Mips #2]

The screenshot features on Mac are one of the many reasons I like the Mac. It's easy & convenient, I'm sharing 6 shortcut keys, you don't really need to remember all of them, just learn the first 2 if you're a casual user.
1.Command + Shift + 3
To take the whole screen
2.Command + Shift + 4
To take a specific part of the screen. A cross icon will appear. Click and drag across the region you'd like to capture and it'll save on your desktop once you let go.

see also: Long Term Solution for your Mac Desktop Screenshot Clutter
3.Command + Shift + 4, and then press Space bar
And click on a specific element of screen as a window, Dock, menu, icon etc. It’ll capture that specific element's screen and save on your desktop. 
The following is useful when you intend to use the screenshot for a report or design, by saving it on the clipboard you can easily paste the screenshot afterwards by pressing Command + v(Paste) on the desired window, be it, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop etc.
4.Command + Control + Shift + 3
Takes the whole screen and saves on clipboard
5.Command + Control + Shift + 4
To take a specific part of the screen. A cross icon will appear. Click and drag across the region you'd like to capture and it'll save on your clipboard once you let go.
6.Command + Control + Shift + 4, and then press Space bar
And click on specific element of screen as a window, Dock, menu, icon etc. It’ll capture that element’s screen and save on your clipboard

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Using NTFS on Mac

[Mips #1]

Yesterday I needed to transfer some files from my laptop to my hard disk and realize that I couldn't because I'm using a MacBook and my external HDD was running on NTFS.

I realized that I haven't install Paragon's NTFS for Mac on this MacBook.

Why do I need to install that? Very simple because Mac OS does not support writing on NTFS(New Technology File System) the same way Windows does not support HFS(Hierarchical File System). You can read the data meaning you can open or copy files from NTFS but you can't write(edit,add files etc).

However both operating systems can read & write on FAT(File Allocation Table).

Things you don't really need to know:
NTFS developed by Windows for Windows
HFS developed by Apple for Apple
FAT for older versions of Windows & MS-DOS
If you'd like to know more about file systems, check these pages on Wikipedia: NTFS HFS FAT32  

Why did I format my HDD to NTFS instead of FAT32 since it works on both platforms or HFS since I'm using a MacBook?
1. FAT32 is old and has its limitations. It has a maximum file size of 4GB, so any single file that is larger than 4GB cannot be stored in FAT32. I wouldn't be able to store HD movies or application setup files in it.

2. Not everyone uses a Mac, with HFS, I wouldn't be able to share the files in my HDD with my friends on Windows. Plus, the common TVs with USB port can't read HFS, that means I can't watch HD movies on TVs with my HDD as the input source.


Install NTFS for Mac OSX, once you've installed it, you'll be able to read & write seamlessly.

You can get the trial version for free. The full version is priced at $19.95

You can also torrent it here (at your own risk):

If you don't know how to use torrent, learn here.

Mips, my way of calling Mac Tips.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Just found this post in my drafts..Written 2009

I went to Sunway Lagoon yesterday. I was with my high school buddies. We were all very enthusiastic about reliving the happy moments at the park like we did 2 years ago. We changed into swimming attire and rushed to the water park. At that point of time, I would say anyone can easily notice the eagerness in our eyes. I carried the float and ran up the stairs to the water ride, looking forward to some thrills and spills. We placed our floats and sat there, we gave each other the "this is gonna be fun" look, 3...2...1...GO!!! Within 2 seconds, I didn't feel what I was expecting, the water was not flowing fast enough and extra resistant strips were added. We went on all the other rides thereafter but it seems like Mr.Thrill decided to take a nap. Although the excitement level of the rides have been reduced to cut electricity and water cost, it somehow made me think was it because of the physical factor or maybe we no longer get excited by water rides. At the end, I think its because our expectations was too high, as my friend told me, memory is sometimes better than reality.