Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Term Solution for your Mac Desktop Screenshot Clutter

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Now I know you love taking screenshots on your Mac, the fact that its so easy, you start by taking important screenshots then you slowly develop a habit of taking any screen that interests you that you might not even use in aeons until you've stuffed enough files on your Chimpanzee desktop wallpaper and feel like vomiting when you look at it, then you start organizing the screenshots manually in your folders and because you absolutely love taking useless screenshots, you end up getting fed up having to organize them periodically.

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Here's a long term solution for Mac Screenshot Lovers, get your Mac to automatically save the screenshots in a separate folder.

Create a new folder that you'd like the screenshots to save in. You don't have to do this if you want the screenshots to save in an existing folder. Make sure the folder name has no space in it, if not it won't work. In this case, I created a folder on my desktop and renamed it to 'screenshot'.

Go to Spotlight on the top corner of your screen and type 'terminal' then open the application.

Type the command below in Terminal and press enter to execute. You have to change the username and foldername in the command below according to your Mac(highlighted in green below). Once again, make sure your folder name has no space in it or else it won't work.

defaults write location /Users/username/desktop/foldername

Note: resh = Mac username & screenshots = specified folder on desktop

Now, type and execute the command below in Terminal
killall SystemUIServer

Close the Terminal application and you're done! Screenshots taken now will save in the specified folder!

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