Friday, May 29, 2009

StudentARC Leadership Camp 2009 #3

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After the land mine exercise, comes this activity that tests our leadership,listening,courage and trust. 4 members have to stand on the 5 chairs in which 2 have to be blindfolded and the other two will have their hands tied up. The group leader will stay on the ground and provide instructions to the members and one tough guy will standby behind the people in case of accidents.
bildfolded and handtied blindfold and handtied
oops...that seems like an interesting angle? haha *you know what I mean?*
blind folded and tied hands
SARC members strategizing with mineral watter bottles before going on the battlefield.
nomin and leka
The two star wannabies Nomin from Mongolia and Leka from Tanzania.
blind folded and tied hands 2
Muru and Jaskirat, both focusing at the same section. 
judith and tefo
Judith got excited!
blind folded and tied hands 3
I had that "that's so easy!" look and Ike had the "I hope you know what you're doing" look.
blind folded and tied hands 4
My group in action!
blind folded and tied hands 5 blind folded and tied hands 6 blind folded and tired hands 7
All the guys were trying to look away while the girls was trying to...
kaveh's smile :)


krizstyle said...

hahahaha kaveh got so much attention in "wrong-looking" pics!! :P

gud job :P

Adnan said...

while the girls were trying to what...Logic?..haha..that is a really funny face shot of Aya.