Thursday, April 23, 2009

StudentARC Leadership Camp 2009 #1

Few weeks ago, I attended a leadership camp. Yes! The cliche type! Its always the same thing,the same talk,the not same but same activities, but still, I benefit from these kind of camps one way or another.

So we gathered in APIIT and we headed towards Lenggeng.

superstar  mikey and his groupies
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Mike Gomez was doing his 'thang' with the guitar with the same old David Archuleta song. But this time take a close look into the eyes of his two most avid fans.

We arrived in Excel Training Resort which is situated closely to Nottingham University in Semenyih.

know their nicknames

The ice breaker was to give ourselves nicknames and trying to remember each other's nickname to stay in the game.

from the bottom

at the hall

Ms. Anita preaching to these big babies.

Next up Group Cheers:

camp group 1

camp group 2

camp group 3

camp group 4

camp group 5

camp group 6

To be continued....

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