Sunday, December 07, 2008

No more 孤单的夜晚 for Cho Wei Yuan!

Cho Wei Yuan,my high school friend,was emo for so long for not having a girl friend,even after being the Prom King in his college in UK. Now here you are!

Cho Wei Yuan

Congratulations to Wei Yuan !!!

Joanne Hew Zhi Qiao


Melvin said...

Haha.... need or not la this thing

Zi Sheng said...

LOL good one. You even sent out emails to us. hahaha. Actually he was listed NOT AVAILABLE months back, that time already, erm sikit sikit d. hahaha. tapi dia cakap mau tunggu official dulu baru tell u all. And according to him, he has to read ALL the Twilight books before he c an watch with HIS GF. lol

Lawr said...

old news

Ji Yuan said...

Melvin>well he complained about his lonely nights in his blog so now I'm helping him to announce his joy!why not?so many people is happy for him!

ZS>Haha great!

Lawr>its not old news,its NEW!!!Because the news is about him officiating to the public!