Friday, June 13, 2008

The Summer Splash Massacre

Haha! Calling it a "Massacre" is a total exaggeration but it was almost a massacre, just without any lives being taken away. Refer to the previous post about the crazy crowd and lousy crowd control in Sunway Lagoon.

Okay! Now! Due to the fact that the crowd as getting kinda frustrated, to me and my friends own safety and time, we decided that its not worth it, so we escaped from that place. Now the interesting part is how we did it.

This is how the queue looks like from the park:

sunway lagoon summer splash side entrance

the real summer splash summer hunk

Pics courtesy of Nigel.

Summer Splash Summer Hunks

Summer Splash Summer Hike

Pics courtesy of Aaron.

In conclusion, 3 dudes Andrew Dwipa Kencana, Sami Parvez and Loh Ji Yuan climbed over the railing at the side of the cliff like monkeys and got our way back. It was one hell of an experience! Better than queuing and going in!


Mischique said...

Hey Logic! How you doing? The Summer Splash crowd is inane!!!!! I'd just give up and go home! What is this Summer Splash thing anyway?

Anyway thank you for your flattering comment! At least somebody appreciates the nonsense I write!! :):):)

Derek said...

that is wicked...

teddY said...

Wow Mr Stuntman! That's dangerous, but at least it's safer for you to escape that mad crowd! In case you didn't know, you were standing at the edge of a 30+m high cliff... phew!

I heard that it was pretty violent, people kept shoving, pushing and shouting profanities at the entrace. It's just bewildering how people react to disappointment and frustration in Malaysia, in a rather uncivilised way.

Ji Yuan said...

Mischique>i'm doing fine,yup,the crowd=total insane

Summer Splash is sort of a Beach Party,that's why there's an insane crowd,everybody looking for eye candies.

You're welcome!


teddY>Yup...that cliff is not low...Well,I do not blame the crowd,i blame the management,compared to other countries,the crowd was a lot tamer.I would have liked it more if the crowd was more rebelious,because if the crowd were more rebelious then the security would lose control and the people win! Haha :)

Dr. Carolyn said...

OMIGOSHHHHHHHHHH... the CROWD............ crazyyyyyyyyy....