Friday, May 23, 2008

APIIT Sports Carnival 2008 Intro

The main reason I'm not updating my blog often for the past 2 weeks is due to the fact that I was busy dealing with the preparation of the APIIT Sports Carnival. It is open for anyone. Admission is free. You peeps can come and play fun games such as Bungee Run, Dunk In, Gladiator etc. Check out the info in the Youtube video below:


Melvin said...

wat the... solja boy =__=
can't pick any better song for the promo?? Gangster music for a sports event.. bad choice ler

usws said...

Aiks, it might be too late to ask you but what the heck. Admission is free but i bet there's money involved somewhere right? How much do i bring IF i plan to go? To buy tickets or something?


p.s. I won't say anything about the music. XD

Error Q said...

hahhaa.. music okie ah.. hahha :P