Sunday, March 30, 2008

RED - Let's Go CLUBing

RED Recruitment Drive

Last week was APIIT/UCTI's RED week! RED meaning Recruitment Drive and the slogan was Let's Go CLUBing! It was quite a week for the societies and clubs for them to attract new members.


The booths managed to get a lot of attention of our fellow APIITians to register.

SARC Booth

SARC in action! Haha SARC actually had too many applicants and they had an interview session to filter some of them out.

Taekwondo Booth

Here comes the Taekwondo Booth! Kicking *haeyah!*

Busy Sports Bureau

The most popular booth was the one for the upcoming sports club as many students are looking forward to try different sports.

APIIT Dance Club

Here's APIIT Dance Club!

Music Booth

They are actually setting up a Music Club in APIIT. I hope they come out with some nice performances during the Multi-Cultural Night.


Java Special Interest Group.


In my opinion, the event went on smoothly but was a bit lack of creativity I shall say. They were all plain and I actually expected some of the clubs to do something more outrageous to grab more members. This is the first time, so let's see further improvement in the future.

APIITians, what do you think? Please leave your comments.

p.s. As there are too many pictures at the event, I only choose some of them to post. If you're interested to obtain the other photos, kindly please send me an e-mail or leave your e-mail address in the comments section.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Movie and Dining - Awake and Mexican!

Note: I'm going to post about Weekend Movie and Dining every Friday!

Jessica Alba Awake Poster

I watched "Awake" without knowing the synopsis. I was giving it a wild try and it paid off. Jessica Alba is still as hot as ever but her acting skills are still too weak to be discussed. In Malaysia, they cut the love making scene and cursing scenes. It actually got me a little frustrated.

At one point, it almost gave me an impression its just a chick flick but then as it moves on, the story turns left and right, giving me the suspense that a guy would like. The storyline is actually really really good. If they picked a better cast rather than what I call "Face cast", this movie can easily get an Oscar Award.

Couples out there, this is a good Date movie! It gives happy images to a girl and it gives the suspense to the guys!

Carlos Margarita

I went to this Mexican Restaurant called Carlos Mexican Canteena at Pavilion 2. The place is quite good for a chill out. I loved the Margarita! You shouldn't trust me on this because I love just about any Margarita!

Mexican Potato Skin

Tried the potato skin, there were more minced meat in it but I still like the TGI Friday's Potato Skin more.

Mexican Burger and Oysters

They sell Fresh Oysters for RM2 per piece there!

My friend tried the Carlos Mexican Burger. The beef patty looks thick and juicy to me!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party

The atmosphere got hot when the spotlight was on these chicks!

DawnYang Nurse Frenchmaid Policewomen

Phew...Don't you guys feel HAWT?

Bad Genes Don't Make it to Nuffnang

How can I not like this banner? It's so provocative and smart!

Kellster and LogicYuan

First time meeting Kellster! She claims that I look different from how I look in my blog. She's not the only one that said that...I don't really know the difference?lol

When everybody was busy fighting for prizes downstairs, I decided to go upstairs to take pictures with chicks! You can't blame me! I'm a hot blooded teenager! LOL

DawnYang LogicYuan XiaXue
(the guy that helped me take this photo, really OMG!)

Haha! Don't envy me!

Envy this Indian dude that bidded for DawnYang to kiss him! This kiss is to die for! LOL

Rames said:"My body nicer than him.", when I told him he missed out about this!

DawnYang kiss Indian


KennySia and the Malaysian Dreamgirls

Kanching Falls Shootout Preview!

Kanching Waterfall

Just came back from Kanching Waterfalls. Exhausted. Off to rest....

Short note: I've found out how to define a person is "LANSI". First, when you hear other people talking about how "LANSI" he/she is. Second, you think of reasons that he might not have that intention. Third, he shows you his "LANSI-ness" that even the reasons that you thought of to defend he/she isn't enough to cover.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Advertorial Review:

Do you always hear people talking about selling stuff online and gaining a lot of profit without having a shop? Some part timers can gain some pocket money for selling their used stuff which they no longer need. BUT!!! You never knew how and where, nobody taught you? You've only heard of eBay and the bidding process is giving you a headache.

Now there's our very own Malaysian site and yes it is really MUDAH to sell your stuff there. They allow users like us to advertise our items!

Choose the location 1st: Geolocation

Sometimes we are pretty afraid of cheaters online but then we can now choose which state on the main page. We can do COD(Cash on Delivery) face to face by meeting the sellers or buyers!

What I really like about this site is that ANYONE can sell ANYTHING they want!
(subject to Malaysian law)

I've seen lots of stuff there that I wish to buy. There's a lot of Transformers Collectible Items there!!!

One particular item caught the most attention was a 2006 HUMMER H3!!!!

Hummer for sale in Malaysia


Faster check it out! It's not only a site where you can put your items up for sale but there's also a section for you to post what you want! You can practically post what you want to buy and the sellers will hunt for you instead!


The layout of the website is also quite user friendly. No stupid business terms that we don't know, no!nO!No!NO! stupid credit card verification that gives us a big problem like other websitesEverything is good to go!

This review is brought to you by and!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Golden Compass beat Transformers at the Oscars

Iorek Byrnison vs Optimus Prime

Iorek Byrnison vs Optimus Prime...

I usually check out the Oscar's winners list every year to look for good movies and guess what?
The 80th Annual Academy Award's Best Visual Effects went to THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Beating Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean 3!!!


Seriously I dig Iorek Byrnison(the bear) for his masculinity! But better visual effects than TRANSFORMERS? What happened to Optimus Prime?

I admit that in the movie Transformers, during the action part, the robots were all over the screen at high speed, hence we can't really focus too detail on the rendering but in The Golden Compass, I don't think it deserves to be the BEST.

I tried to do some research on the way they judge in the Oscars and found this article saying that they usually go for the politically correct ones but since The Golden Compass raised a lot of issues among the Christian community, why did they get the awards?

Is it a way of telling the world that they're in DECEIVING since the effects is good? Or is it to show the world they don't only let the politically correct win?

Discuss and tell me in the comments section? Do you guys feel the same or you beg to differ?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Advertlets 1st Anniversary - part #1

Cao Ah Kua

The second time I'm watching Ah Long Pte Ltd... Mark Lee still gave me tummy aches for his FREAKING FARNY ROLE!!!!

Hansen Lee and LogicYuan

Remember the guy that I found out during the Vantage Point Screening? The girls were asking me about this dude.. He is Hansen Lee, host for NTV7 Breakfast show! Apparently, he said he saw that gif I made out of

Advertlets Group Pic 1

Back:(From left) Hansen Lee, Daniel Tan
Front:(From left) LogicYuan, JP, Jamie, Melissa, Jeannie, Josh

LogicYuan and Simonso

Finally I met these bloggers!


The food at Tony Roma's was excellent!

Jen Rames Logic Pop

This pic was taken with pOp's flash...cantik-ness!


Haha cool caricature right?

To be Continued....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A short update of the Pajama Party!

Dawn Yang,LogicYuan and Xiaxue
(From left: Dawn Yang(Clapbangkiss), LogicYuan and Xia Xue)

The Pajama Party was AWESOME!!! will update more later on....a bit tired now....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Advertlets Presents : Special Movie Screening of Ah Long Limited

ah long pte ltd mark lee and fann wong

The female Ah Long triad leader Fann Wong alongside the "Chao Ah Kua" Mark Lee at the wedding scene... Ah Long use Parang to cut wedding

Why do I want to watch the movie Ah Long Pte Ltd?

First of all I think the movie is super duper FARNY!!!!! And the combination of the on screen couple as seen in the picture below is damn cool!!!

ah long pte ltd mark lee and fann wong in the press conference

Aren't they LOVELY? Haha!

Ah Long Press Screening

Above is the group pic of the cast and director at Pavilion! They were there for another screening!

Penang Bloggers Meet at starbucks organised by LogicYuan

Penang Bloggers Meet at Starbucks organised by LogicYuan=Me in early 2007.

Penang Bloggers Meet at Food Loft

Penang Bloggers Meet in Food Loft in mid 2007.

Since all the cast can have a group pic outside the cinema and I miss those huge group picture of a gazillion bloggers, I'm looking forward to watch the movie and take a huge group pic with all the other bloggers that will attend that event!


I hope I won't be disappointed this time and since advertlets is getting the whole cinema...WE MIGHT TAKE THE GROUP PIC INSIDE THE CINEMA HALL!!! COOL!!!

Let's hope I get to watch this SUPER DUPER FUNNY comedy and take the GROUP PIC with other bloggers!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jumpa Kawan Lama

Tak tahu mengapa tetapi tiba-tiba saya mempunyai keinginan untuk blog dengan Bahasa Melayu. Post ini mengenai beberapa kawan lama yang saya jumpai semasa Tahun Baru Cina yang baru lepas. Setelah saya berpindah ke Wilayah Persekutuan untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di menara gading, saya jarang berpeluang untuk bertemu dengan rakan sekolah saya di Pulau Pinang.

Ok! Turn back to English mode, haha!
(forgive me for the quality of the pics,taken with handphone and it was at night)

Mahjong and Chun Hoong

Left: My first time ever "sek woo"(won the game) upon receiving my tiles. I was the banker for that round so I had to draw 14 tiles and it was a winning set! "Tin Woo"(a victory dropped from the sky)

Click here to learn more about mahjong.

Right: Chun Hoong, currently studying psychology in KTAR.

LogicYuan and friends
(from left:Me,Kean Li,Kenneth,Larry,Johnny and Ale)

Popping some Jagermeister at Lecka-Lecka Penang!

LogicYuan and Danny

Me and Danny, he's currently studying graphic design in LimKokWing University. His muscles are getting LARGER! I guess he can't go anywhere in Cyberjaya so he works out extra hard in the gym.

That's all for now...

Friends are priceless!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd Press Conference

The other bloggers that came along was Jamie and Shaun. Most of the bloggers couldn't make it as it was 2pm in the afternoon on a weekday. We can't do a thing about that as the schedule have to fit the stars and the organisers,right?

Ah Long Pte Ltd Press Conference the host

This dude kick-started the event and did an introduction before the casts entered.

He invited the stars one by one and the first to enter was one of my favourite directors - Jack Neo.

Jack Neo Ah Long Lte Ptd

It was really cool having to see him in person. He is quite humble and funny in character. I really admire his passion towards making movies and breakthroughs in the movie industry for his country. He was expressing his satisfaction with the box office results of the movie in Singapore but we Malaysians should also give him a big box office hit since its a Malaysian+Singaporean movie,right?

Ah Long Pte Ltd Press Conference
(from left: Daniel Tan, KK, Mark Lee, Sampson Yuen, Jack Neo, Fann Wong, Richard Low and Jack Lim)

Soon, all the casts entered the hall and took their seats.

Now is the chance for the media to throw questions.
(p.s. Blogs are one of the medias too, BLOGGER POWER!)

One of the early questions was about whether there is going to be a sequel to this movie since its great reception in the City of Lion. Jack Neo grinned and replied that if it also do well in Boleh-land then they will plan to make a sequel, moreover they might contact the Japanese Triads to join in.

The role of Fann Wong in Ah Long Pte Ltd will most likely be compared to the Korean movie - My Wife is a Gangster.But Jack made a remark that Fann's performance will not be below the Korean's.

Fann Wong looked at me

I asked the first question towards Fann.(memang proud xD) In Mandarin, I asked her about her experience working alongside so many Malaysian artists comparing to acting with Singaporean artists and international stars since she played Chon Lin in Shanghai Knights with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. She was like: well.... it was pretty much the same, very fun working with them, sometimes they might teach her a local joke....

Mark Lee Ah Long Lte Ptd
Next is Singapore's very own Ah Beng representative aka Lala in Malaysian terms. He played a "Chao Ah Kua"(Bitchy Sissy Male) in this movie which was really good. He said that it is easy to act as an Ah Kua but Chao Ah Kua is very hard!!! He said having to speak Malaysian-ised Mandarin in the movie, it took him 3 months to turn himself back into Singaporean mode, having complaints of broken mandarin by his colleagues.

Fann Wong Wallpaper

Everybody that watched the movie are curious about the bedroom scene between Mark Lee and Fann Wong. Apparently Mark Lee wants to thank the director for the kissing scene because they NG 3 times, Mark says Fann's lips is really soft! Haha lucky chap! Despite that, both of them felt a bit pressured during the shooting of the bedroom scene as it was Mark's first experience working with such a pretty lady and he sees her as a vase and is too afraid that he might break it. Fann replied with a smile saying that she should be the one that is scared as Mark is so skinny that she might break his arms. Haha xD

Fann Wong's scar

One thing to look for in the movie is Fann's scar. Everytime they shoot, the make-up artist has to put it on her face and that creates an irritation to her skin and caused some blisters. It hurts so bad that they had to stick it a bit higher or lower to avoid the same spot. Now that's a trivia!

Richard Low Limpek

Richard Low did quite a good job in acting as the former leader of the triad. He said he did not try to impersonate any person but he had done some research and tried his best to act as a gangster head. He is more known as the Father of Terry in I Not Stupid that always uses the hokkien term "Limpek" to call himself which was very funny and he came out with a new term that he repeats throughout the show, wanna know? go watch it!

Ah Long Pte Ltd Press Conference picture

A group picture after the conference!

Ah Long Tossing Durians

Props were brought out and they tossed the durians high!
(There is a scene where the Ah Longs from different gangs were up to a "football" match that uses durians as the ball, a very funny part that caused Daniel Tan a rather serious injury)

Koe Yeet and LogicYuan

Sadly, I didn't have the chance to take a picture with Jack Neo or Fann Wong after the conference as they head to another room for their private session, but I got to speak with this lovely girl Koe Yeet that played the role of the revenge teen in the movie which I thought was quite spectacular. Apparently she plays tennis and she plays for Selangor! That's cool!I used to play tennis a lot! I actually asked my tennis friends back in Penang and they were like:"OH!!! That one with a weird hair during MSSM!" She sacrificed her waist long hair for the movie and she said that she cried pretty badly after cutting it!

I watched the movie in the Special Screening and enjoyed it a lot. You better take yourself away from the screen and watch it in the cinemas. It will be on the screens on the
12th of March 2008

Watch the show in the cinemas, support Malaysia and Singapore's movie industry! I know you guys want to google Ah Long Pte Ltd bt aka torrent file or look for the DVDRip in Piratebay. If you're below 18 and this is 18PL then wait for the ori DVD!