Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vantage Point Special Sreening

Yesterday I went to One Utama to watch a special screening of Vantage Point. Before that, Derek and I went to Ajisen Ramen for dinner, I wouldn't want to recall how atrocious the rice meal was.(the taste is a total disaster for the fish donburi and they use cheap rice instead of japanese rice).

Collected the tickets from the advertlets booth and then met pOp,Rames,Jen etc and handed in our handphones and cameras. I guess that's the price to pay for watching a movie 2 days before the world and 3 days before America. They had these metal detectors to scan your whole body and the equipments looked pretty cool. A guard even used a infra-red camera during the movie to check the whole cinema for pirates.*ahem,u know what I mean*

The movie was exhilarating. It's a total must watch!!! I shall give a 9 out of 10.

After the movie, we had to queue up to collect our belongings and guess what? The security company is called REZEKI...what a joke?

Because of the lack of coordination, some of the bloggers fled right after the movie, causing a tremendous lack of blogging personnels around. The situation got worse when it became a bloggers gang on the left in the picture and the boss+celebrity gang on the right.

Managed to gather all of them. Picture courtesy of

Daniel Tan, model cum actor is in between me and derek.

LogicYuan, Derek, Shaun and Rames.

Dengan smashpOp pula...

the two pics above might seem very normal but pay attention to the top left corner of the two pics above. See that dude?

I interpret that he is trying to act cool? lol *just for laughs*

At last, a pic of me with the tauke of advertlets.

Credits to for the tickets.

12 comments: said...

wo..great update of the pic... too bad i did not at KL at that time

teddY said...

Woah, great shots! Thanks for sharing the photo, they're gorgeous :) I've watched the trailer upteen times and I think it'll be an awesome movie, and looks like it really is :D

I think I'm glad that I'm not an adverlets member and I missed the event, because I would be too shy to even talk to anyone (and yes I am more of an introvert).

Ji Yuan said...

icalvyn>hano...wasted got like more than 30 seats left in the cinema la

teddy>haha...u just need to stand there,i will come talk to u,then everybody will get along.I used to be very shy and then i forced myself to step out of my comfort zone although i'm still shy sometimes nowadays

maike said...

fun fun fun
can meet so many famous man

Josh Lim said...

teddy: no need to be shy one ;) was a great movie!

ji yuan: the front 30 seats were actually "left out", because the organizer said most people don't like sitting there ;)

maike: great, hope to see you around more often!

logicyuan: anyway, sorry if there was a bit of a complication at the end. some of them had to leave early. most also couldn't make it for dinner due to work, so guess best time next time is a weekend event.

ps: stay tuned for next gathering! planning for one big one in March (Advertlets first anniversary), as well as we're most likely going to have another screening when Ah Long Limited opens (my good friend Daniel Tan is in the movie!) ;)


- -

Josh Lim

Ji Yuan said...

Josh,I'm looking forward for the Ah Long Private Limited movie screening...its already on the screens in singapore since the 1st day of CNY,it will be on the screens on the 12th of March over here if i've not mistaken

maike said...

organize some event in Penang
then much convenient for me~

usws said...

Me is shy shy too... but me is more concerned with meeting new people at the moment. So too bad lah shyness, I'm gonna make a scene!!

Haha, does that cool fellow know he's in the picture? I wonder if that hand at chin thing was on purpose.


p.s. But not too much..

SilverIsle said...

Woah. Heard most of the people say it's a must watch movie eh. I will make sure I don't miss it, online. =P

Ji Yuan said...

maike>not enough advertlets supporter in penang i guess.nuffnang supporters kuat in penang,look into nuffnang's events in penang

usws>that p.s. note was referring to what?

SilverIsle>watch in cinema la...sound effect kuat le

maike said...

who knows there will be beach party for penang bloggers
should be better than pajamas party lol

Ji Yuan said...

maike>hope so!