Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Days in the National Service Program#1 : Kembara Halangan #1

Here comes the 1st episode of My Days in the National Service Program!

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Modul Fizikal

Kembara Halangan - Obstacle Courses part 1

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NS Fact: Like the military,there are four main companies(some have more).

,Bravo,Charlie and Delta.

I'm in Kompeni Bravo(Bravo Company).

According to wikipedia, An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed. Obstacles courses can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing endurance; sometimes a course involves mental tests.

(no pics of me crossing the obstacles,only me taking pictures of my friends)
Kembara Halangan-pagar 3 kaki

Pagar tiga kaki, the 3 foot fence(not 3 legs ok!)
-"sup sup sui" I passed it so easily

Kembara Halangan Tembok enam kaki

Tembok enam kaki, the 6 foot wall
- I crossed with ease again...but I was really suprised that some of the wira find it very difficult,wirawati can have partners assisting them to cross this but wira have to do it alone...
(in some camps,wirawati don't have to do this at all)

NS fact:Trainees are called Wira(for boys) and Wirawati(for girls)

So I'm a wira! haha I'm a Hero...

Kembara Halangan Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bars...
- Sad to say but I have to admit that I fell into the water the first time I tried the monkey bars,mainly because it rained before we went into the jungle so the bars are wet and I couldn't grip the bars as well as I should but the 2nd time I got passed it without a problem.

Camp fact: Usually the Kembara Halangan in other camps are on the ground,hence it is easier.In certain camps like mine,the equipments are installed in the jungle up the hills but its cooler and more adventurous.

Kembara Halangan-The Tarzan Swing

The Tarzan Swing
- This is fun...OH-E-O E-O!

Kembara Halangan To be continued....


beautifullydecayed said...

I'm amazed how you find time to take pictures in NS. Lol.

colleen said...

waaa...looks like a whole lot of fun eh?
miss my camping days..='( sobz..

Ji Yuan said...

beautifullydecayed)>actually instead of standing there and for the rest to do their thing,I take pictures.But I have to thank my Timbalan Komanden Latihan for lending me his camera and I used his laptop to transfer the pictures into my portable hard disk

colleen)>yeah..its very fun!

Elise said...

looks like the Tarzan Swing more fun... can I try? hee hee..

shev said...

omg, you make ns look nice. XD haha, thanks for the comment in my blog. link me! i'll link you too aha.

Janet said...

I wonder why most of the people always think that NS is a misfortune, after all, it's not that bad though.
I'd tried the obstacle course before.
They have their own tactics to jump over the 3-feet fence, right?
or you just simply jumped one?
I thought the wirawati should help each other to cross the 6-feet wall eh? I did cross with help.
The monkey bars...I crossed it with ease, and oh well, I was the only one(girls) who didn't fall into the 'pool'....XD
Not to forget the Tarzan Swing, it's my favourite, but I almost fell when I reached the end there,
almost lost my balance....

I thought there were more for the obstacle course eh? Like 9-feet wall?
And crawling under the sharp-sharp thingie (don't know what it's called)?

K.Kim said...

Seems like a lot of fun to me.

Scionfire said...


I've been through NS in S'pore and honestly, our obstacle course (also known as SOC) - Standard Obstacle course is much more physically demanding

a brief idea of how it is like...

You start off with a

600M run down with your weapon, helmet, webbing, and our equipments

then you will arrive at a sequence of obstacles (The whole course is timed and we have to complete it within the stipulated time)

1) Low Wall

2) Parallel bars - have to traverse across it

3) Low beam - Jump across it usually with a roll of concertina wire at the front of it

4) Swing trainer - by this time, your arms will be very tired and sore...and most people have difficulty crossing this as the equipments weigh them down.

5) Low rope - A rope obstacle about 5 meters high. Somewhat like your monkey bars, instead of swinging across it, we have to climb up the rope

6) Horizontal beam - many people have busted their balls on this one as a wrong footing or a weak leg will cause you to slip and fall.

7)Swinging bridge - this tests our agility and balance and it gets tough if by now one finds himself to be exhausted

8) Balance log - not an easy one as getting up and over it is a challenge for people who have vertigo

9) window - Instead of climbing across it, we will need to flip our body over it.

10) Jacob's ladder - Again for people with veritgo,it will be a huge challenge. I've seen people stuck on the ladder for 1-2 hours before.

11) High ramp - Run up a steep slope and jump down, but be wary of the concertina wire roll beneath!

Finish off with a 400M run back to the finish line =D all while carrying full equipments (weighs about (if memory serves me correct) anywhere between 2-5kgs)

Though i do not mean in any way to compare, but i guess it is good to see the difference in our Obstacle course and those in KN. =)

Good to learn from!

Take care and all the best!