Friday, June 29, 2007

Meme - Layers X 12

Derek tagged me to do this... since I don't feel like updating about my NS yet..yes YET,that means I'll still blog about it!!! so I do this tag la...let you guys know more about me...

Layer One : On The Outside
Name -- Loh Ji Yuan|school friends-Ji Yuan|Webfriends-LogicYuan|NS friends-Logic
Date of Birth -- May 13,1989

Current Status -- Single, I'm still up for grabs!
Eye Colour -- very dark brown until almost black

Hair Colour -- Black
or Lefty -- Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage -- Chinese,Guangdong Foshan
ok i know what are you guys thinking?佛山无影脚 I really went to Wong Fei Hung's memorial museum but erm....cannot tell you about what I did there last time.if wanna know ask me

Your Fears -- Death,Rejection
Your Weakness -- sometimes lazy, too straight forward when speaking
Your Perfect Pizza -- no particular preference,if its made my loved ones then diff story

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up -- Handphone's clock=Time
Your Bedtime -- sports/work/study:0000hrs| leisure:it can be anytime
Your Most Missed Memory -- nothing in particular.Buddies Session?ISM?Tennis?

Layer Four : Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke -- Coke,pepsi more 'siap'
McDonald's or Burger King -- Burger King for burgers,McD for fries like Zhe said
Single or Group Dates -- Single or Group I don't mind as long as he/she/they can chat with me
Adidas or Nike -- Adidas for football boots,Nike for basketball shoes
Tea or Nestea -- Chinese Tea/Green Tea/Teh Tarik. Nescafe,Nestea not my cup of tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla -- Vanilla for mixed desert and chocolate to be eaten alone
Cappucino or Coffee -- It depends on who's making it and the type of the beans...kopi-o also not every shop nice la

Layer Five : Do You...
Smoke -- if second hand smoke is counted then yes...I hate to be a second hand smoker
Curse -- 99% of males curse more than once in their life
Take a shower -- Please don't make me analyse this question.
Think you've been in love -- if a crush counts
Go to school -- if not the school go to me?
Want to get married -- if i get to meet Ms.Right
Believe in yourself -- most of the time
Think you're a health freak -- I'm health conscious sometimes but not always

Layer Six - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol -- yup...
Eaten sushi -- sushi king,jusco's sushi
Dyed your hair -- nope

Layer Seven : Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game -- yeah but I always win so I didn't have to strip but the most is strip t-shirt nia n no girls playing one..sienz
Changed Who You Were To Fit In -- I think so.I used to "ban cool" when I was in primary.Don't really initiate conversations with people that I'm not so familiar with.But let me tell you its not cool at all!As I grew,I tried to speak more openly and speak to almost anyone.

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married -- 28-35 but most importantly is with who not when

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour -- No preference,Natural will do
Hair Colour -- Black
Short hair or Long Hair - both is ok but prefer long

Layer Ten : What Were You
Doing1 min ago -- Doing this tag.
1 Hour ago -- Watching TV
4.5 Hours ago -- Forcing my brother to wake up
1 month ago -- relaxing after being back from NS and scolding myself for not updating my blog
1 year ago -- Was blogging this I think.

Layer Eleven : Finish the sentence
I love -- my family including my dog.
I feel -- emotions?if not what?human feel emotions ler..
I hate -- to hate
I hide -- my private part,if not Polis Diraja Malaysia will catch me
I miss -- spending time with my friends
I need -- to improve myself.

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People
Dowan la?afterwards they tag me again....


tulipspeaks said...

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thwen said...

Hey Ji Yuan, I thought you wrote in this post that you wouldn't want to tag people? Then how come I got tagged? Haha!

Never mind, I'll still do this tag. For fun... =)

icalvyn said...

people tag u ..u dun 1 tag other, finish lioa la... no story lioa