Sunday, June 24, 2007


okok! Belum update about the Orient's Voice bloggers gathering....

Yesterday(erm actually its the day before yesterday because its over midnight now) night I went to Chili's at Gurney Plaza to have dinner. Went there a couple of times but ended up going elsewhere for the past few times because they asked us to wait for 40 minutes but this time me and my friends weren't too hungry and we waited.

They have this Bottomless concept for their corn chips,soft drinks and fruit juice where they charge you and then you can refill as many times as you want.

I ordered this BBQ Ranch Burger for RM19.95 and it was great,better than TGI Friday and DOME...However my friends ordered other dishes,they didn't turn out too

The burger reminded me to update my blog about the dinner I cooked on Tuesday.

After you readers doubt about me cooking,I decided to take over my mom's job for a night and showcase my flair in cooking(lol muka tembok?).

I made this Beef Burger for my little bro! Burger pattie Made in My Home k!

Somemore ada Tortilla Wrap!!! This dish wasn't quite nice to eat...a bit dull actually comes the steak! I tell you,the red wine sauce can really make you drunk! It's tantalizing!

Last but not least the lamb shoulder!!! it may look the ugliest but its certainly the tastiest!!!

I was too ambitious to cook so many different servings,I managed till I ki~siao and then after that wash pots and plates till ki~siao... so imagine when your momma cooks?

This is for my parents! Happy Wedding Anniversary,this year is special for them because their anniversary is on the 21st June and this year is their 21st year!

This was made a few days ago because when I made the beef burger I had some burger buns left so I made this LcEgg... I heard that McD no longer serves McEgg and I wonder is it true? Some McD says that all McDs don't serve McEggs anymore but some of my friends tell me its still available? what you think?

Friends in the penangpenang shout out?Hungry ler? haha


Chia Mimi said...

Never seen any McEggs at McDonalds here in The Netherlands!


Ji Yuan said...

chia: actually in every country,the McDonalds have different menu to suit the locals' taste

in malaysia we don't have pork burger

in india there's even vegetarian burger etc...

Mischique said...

You're quite the chef eh? Always preparing something scrumptious in each entry!

Ji Yuan said...

haha... i'm not qualified to called a chef...

i just have the ability to prepare some edible food haha...

CRIZ LAI said...

I came...I saw...I got hungry and went for nasi kandar...haha :P

Dropping by from BlogWawasan Orient's Voice Attendance List to see how you are. I guessed I missed you out during the event. Anyway do keep in touch :)

Ji Yuan said...

i think we met lo...i sat with icalvyn

Kuria said... a girl and i've never even tried cooking all those before..salute! hahaha, if my mum sees this she's so gonna bug me bout my lousy cooking skills :P keep it up!

Nicholas said...

so nice your burger and the food. you make all yourself ar? haha. wei, cool you know