Sunday, March 11, 2007

Penang Bloggers Hike 2007 #2

looks like comic

Roar! Our journey begins...I find the pic above very similar to those HK comics like below.
hong kong comics

This is taken from a Hong Kong comic called 风云(Wind & Cloud or Stormraiders).

Knocked Out

Just 3 minutes after our journey started I did of course its just for YOU easy tired meh?

hike groupie

stopped at the bridge for a photo!

challenging trail

Then continue!

smile if you are gay

Saw this written on a pole with a correction pen...

had to act tulan

Whoever you are that wrote this there,thank you for your vandalisme,if not this photo wouldn't exist at all...

break groupie

I think after around 1 hours we stopped to take pics and chill out

logicyuan is strong or not

We were having Beachlympics there.. I did some weightlifting there.Its not that heavy la but hard to stabilize because its so damn LONG...

beach baseball

Here comes the second event,Beach Baseball,Koolz represented the bloggers team...LOL beach baseball pula?nvr heard before ler?

gangsters in the jungle

Me and Cedric.

Cool Facts:Do you guys know how Cedric found out about the
Penang Bloggers Meet?He searched for Penang Bloggers Meet through Google and the timing was right! So he get to go to the meet...I was suprised to hear that from him...

monkey beach

We finally arrived at Monkey Beach... It was dirtier than I expected it to be,I thought Batu Ferringhi is dirtier mana tahu come such a long way,sini pun kotor juga.

dead jelly fish

But here at least got something special,dead jelly fish...



we are friends

After taking some photos there,I made friends with the monkeys at monkey beach..(there's an S behind the monkey is because the whole monkey beach,we saw TWO monkeys only but still plural right?)

sand ski

Sand-Ski pula?


Saw these kids swimming,its our turn to go down...

After swimming(for like don't know how many minutes,sekejap saja because polluted lah the water), gotta pose a bit for the camera:

the three musketeers

Just because I have bigger muscles doesn't mean you have to isolate me gua?Joking Joking...(I think Anthony held the cam)

cedric with his limp dXxX

Koolz and I had a hard time burying cedric as no one helped us..wah damn tiring

bbq groupie

BBQ time..all we had was frankfurters,chicken balls(not the one u r thinking) and crab balls(the crab balls were CRAP balls).

Lepas enjoy,we cabut in a boat,the Captain was Attan,he charged us RM5 per person,quite cheap!

boat groupie



teddY said...

Nice photos Logic! Although my middle finger (no vulgarity intended because I really do use that finger to scroll...) is sore from all the scrolling but yea the photos are enough to make me feel worth it. Oh my the dead jellyfish looks... yucky.

Anyway, what a coincidence Cedric know about the Penang Bloggers Meeting XD

Vern said...

Great photos. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. I'm from Penang too! But now stranded in Perak...soo.. oh well.:)

Ji Yuan said...

(teddy)when i post the pics time also require a lot of time la...haha my middle finger also sore la...i sendiri check over the text for spelling errors...haha wanna be blogger is like that la haha...

(vern)i'm sure u will come back during the holidays...join in the fun!