Sunday, March 18, 2007

Going off in a few hours!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just weighed myself and I'm 71.8 kg. I really hope I will shed some fats in the National Service Camp!

Do not run away for the coming 3 months,because my 3 guest bloggers will help me update you guys on stuffs! so please stay tune,the 3 guests will be smashpOp,Rames and Lawlen.

I certainly do not know how are they going to cope with the updates but I suggest that they sort out the work among themselves,for example A updates on Mondays,B updates on Wednesdays and C updates on weekends or what bla bla...

okay,Let me say a big thank you to all of those that wished me farewell and good luck! see you guys in 3 months!

If you guys miss me,please call me at 016-4195333. however,i can only return ur messages or receive ur calls during weekends and my camp is in Sik,Kedah so Friday 6pm till Saturday 5pm I can use my phone.


btw,apart from praying that nothing bad happens to me,please pray for my camera,yeah!i'm bringing please pray that it won't be stolen!

1 comment:

zewt said...

hope to see a lot of pictures.

and i am certainly very interested to know a true account about what is going on in there.