Sunday, October 29, 2006

Granny's B'day Dinner

Note from the author : This post is dedicated for my relatives who wished to be there with Grandma to celebrate the occasion with her.

Wonder why you guys can't see me in the pics?
Answer: I'm the photographer...

(Pics taken with Sony Ericsson W800i)

Happy B'day to Grandma!

My Cool Grandpa!

Four Seasons

We had dinner at Star View Restaurant. The first dish...

Scallop Soup

This soup was nice!There were fresh crab meat in the soup and the taste is delicious!

Flaming Steamboat

The famous fish steamboat of the restaurant...

LogicDad removing the wrapper

We brought a bottle of champagne there,dad removed the wrapper but I removed the cork!



thwen said...

Sounds like a merry birthday. Wish your grandma "Happy Birthday" for me please. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ji Yuan:
Looks like a great 70th Birthday party for Grandma. She doesn't look 70 at all. Food looks very yummy too. Here are pics of Uncle Harry's Oct birthday!

Uncle Harry

Ji Yuan said...

Yeah, without doubt she's one great n young looking Grandman!

teddY said...

Mmmmmph yummy!!! Wishing your grandma a big big happy birthday!!! =)

こうゆうけん said...

Never asked me!!!!!!! Wuuuuuu
I wanna eat.... so hungry nia!!!