Friday, July 28, 2006

Time for some happy gatherings !

After grumbling my recent bad luck to you guys, happy gatherings followed up!

Let's talk about Freddy's B'day party first...

After tuition,
Lawlen, Yin Tung and I went to Bukit Jambul Complex to get Fred a present before attending his b'day party... We lingered around and finally bought him a size 3 beckham mini football for him and guess what? Yin Tung suggested that we should sign our names on it but we aren't going back home just to get a marker pen and the logical LogicYuan(which is me! lolx) thought of going to popular bookstore to TEST-WRITE... Isn't it a consumer right to try the marker pen before purchasing? I signed first and the rest follow... Sounds cheap-skate? Eventually I bought the July issue of Men's Health magazine there,cover model featuring Malaysian national soccer player Liew Kit Kong...

Actually, the three of us prepared for the worst at Fred's place because the last year we went it was so boring until we had to play strip poker to spice things up...pathetic huh?
But everything turn out cool this time! He set up a karaoke station...He set up his PS2...His PC open for all...etc... haha
Yin Tung and I sang "The Best Of Chinese Hits", Geng Gou Kam Kok, by Leo Ku (as translated by Tung here). Both of us was flattered because we have been waiting for an oppurtunity to sing this song in front of a crowd together...Thank god it turned out well! A bunch of friends were absorbed by our singing(over-bragging?real le...paiseh!) although we gone off key in certain parts. Phew...both of us were 'IN' the song that time....

The B'day boy

Freddy blowing candle

We spotted him wearing someting unusual :

Here Come's Sperman!

Here come's SPERMAN! We chatted about it and he actually tried to act and pretend that he didn't know about it until we told him? too bad he isn't qualified to win the Oscars...

Group pic before leaving
At last... a small group pic before leaving... too bad we didn't take a huge group pic with everybody there... i think appox. 50 people there!

Had a great time! Thanks Freddy...

Now let's move on to the dinner last night... My friends came back from England for a long holiday and we went to our first gathering this year.Forget about the dinner because we were so hungry when the dishes was served to the extent that I didn't even bother to take pics...

After the meal we went to Secret Recipe for some cakes as requested by Kim Lin.

Of course....I have to show something to my loyal readers over here...A groupie is a must!

But WTF ! This inconsiderative,blur and idiotic guy walked across without even looking...damn!

stupid guy interrupting

Here's a better one!

Loh and Capes at Secret Recipe

Weeee.....Thanks for reading!

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こうゆうけん said...

Cool!!! Me long time no celebration with my friends already!!! Damn boring here! :P