Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LogicYuan's Wisdom Tooth gonna say GoodBye !

Wisdom tooth

I went to the Penang Adventist Hospital's Dental Clinic yesterday to seek consultancy about my tootache. Although the discomfort is slight, I decided to check it out early before it gets more severe.

I waited for 2 hours n 30 minutes before I could have a look at the dentist's face, he was so damn busy that day. 2 seconds after I told him that I'm having some discomfort at the right bottom section of my set of teeth, he immediately told me that I'm suffering from

He told me he was gonna do some
scaling and apply some antibiotics in the area. So a huge injection syringe appeared before my eyes. That's one scary needle, if i've not mistaken its about 20 cm long. I tried to imagine happy things, eg. myself scoring a world cup goal for Malaysia and winning the tennis grand slam at Wimbledon. It didn't hurt too much after all.

Now I need a wisdom tooth extraction....and its tomorrow....I heard it hurts and they have to cut the tooth into two then only remove......argh!!!!!! scary !!!! nvm la....will tell ya'll abt the experience...

See ya for now !

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londonflower said...

hey, i m worried. are u still alive???