Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tomorrow's last day of term Exam...phew

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Woow....what a relieve knowing that tomorrow's the last day of exams.
On the way home,i was in the car discussing about the chinese & english paper with my lovely friend Yin Tung aka Balitung.Then i was thinking about making a post about our "beloved" mdm. P****l*t* see this preivious post to know more about her :

But after that,when i arrive home and i switched on my tv in my room,it's Oprah Winfrey Show(pix),i always liked her show,so i take a look before starting to post the IDIOTIC teacher's "JOKE" after I recall what papers that i am going to take tomorrow and she teaches me EST(English Science and Technology).

Let me continue on the Oprah show that distracted me,today she is interviewing a prisoner-Clara Harris,a women who was sentenced to jail for murdering her own cheating husband.Well this is aired in US on April 28th and just aired in M'sia this afternoon. It will be kind of long if i describe the details seen in the program,why dont you have a look for yourself :
Oprah's interview with Clara Harris

Here's another source for the Clara Harris trial:

OK let's continue with our "beloved" EST teacher.First let me intorduce the subject English Science and Technology.

As everyone knows Malaysia has a literally lousy education system,EST is a subject specially set to help Malaysians to cope better when they go to higher institutes because Malaysian Students learn all subjects in Malay except language subjects when the whole world is using English for it.
The crappiest part is they let english language teachers to teach this subject and not science teachers and this leads to some humiliating incidence.

That one day,when i was having EST class,the teacher photocopied some exercises for us to practice.As our "beloved" P****l*t* was discussing it with the whole class we came to this objective question which is particularly easy that anyone who learnt elementary science or physical ed. can tell you the answer.

The question goes like this:
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After reading the question,we all know that the answer should be B stomach, right?

Our teacher told us the answer is A mouth?Would you believe it?We told her that it is B and we told her we learnt it in science and guess what?She insisted her answer,she said : " No,the passage CLEARLY tells us that it is the mouth ! ". Oh my gracious god,"CLEARLY" it really clearly says that it is the stomach.
If the passage is wrong then we forgive her because she ain't from science stream but the passage also tells the correct answer.Do you know that she is an english teacher?oh..god..
How humiliating! Since she insists her answer we kept our mouth shut,after all its her loss not ours.

That's all for now,i'm kind of tired and don't feel like typing anymore.Enjoy.

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