Sunday, November 22, 2009

My New Induction Stove

I bought a new Induction Stove.

You might be curious how an Induction Stove actually works. The history of a stove starts with A long long time ago, in a far far galaxy, just go to wikipedia and find out how it works. :P

new induction stove

The older one that I had went out of service and we hadn't replaced it for 3 weeks so one can imagine the amount of arena mamak thrash* and instant food we consumed. We basically cooked with a toaster oven and a rice cooker with a damaged teflon inner pot.

Just in case you're curious why I didn't consider a gas stove, it is to save the lives of arena green residents. Students might be careless with gas.

An induction stove is actually a very neat invention. It heats up really fast and it only cooks the food,not you. However, it is not conducive for stir frying because the food sticks on the pan before its cooked. Its either because it heats up too fast and/or the nature of the induction stove that uses magnetic energy to entice friction among molecules of metal messes with the food molecule as well(Don't believe me because I don't even fully believe myself in this). You can only use pots and pans that are made of metals that are magnetic,so if you want to know whether a pot can be used on an induction stove,just place a piece of magnet on it. The bottom has to be flat too.

Sorry for the late update but better late than never. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Comeback

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Me, This is LogicYuan.

For the past months, I have been focusing on my own development and keeping things I see,think and do to myself. Other than sharing to those around me, I have been neglecting a broader scope of people that follow my blog. All of a sudden, I felt selfish for not blogging. So I am now announcing my comeback! Be sure to see the next post by this Friday!