Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Assignment & Lizard

"The lesser we desire, the happier we get."
That was what I told Andrew while we were walking to Sri Petaling.

I was finishing my Business System Analysis and Design assignment and googled 'delivery' for an image of a delivery van and this is what I got.

Abnormal Baby Delivery 
The photo shows the doctor suctioning the Mouth and the Nose. Thank your parents for bringing you to this world.Click for Source.

My assignment is finally done and I'm going to submit it tomorrow. A million thanks to my classmate Priya for giving me some pointers.

priyanka patel
No! She's not wearing sunglasses, that's my pinhole glasses.

a beautiful lizard sri petaling
The other day, Siavosh and I went to Sri Petaling and he spotted this lizard. I had my camera with me, voila!

beautiful lizard
Close up shot of this beautiful creature. Notice the lizard wears the same colour as my blog,thank you Sami for noticing.


SamSam said...

Hot lizard! Priyanka, hmmm ,thats a pretty cool look.

aL said...

whoa. your first photo! swt.