Sunday, November 22, 2009

My New Induction Stove

I bought a new Induction Stove.

You might be curious how an Induction Stove actually works. The history of a stove starts with A long long time ago, in a far far galaxy, just go to wikipedia and find out how it works. :P

new induction stove

The older one that I had went out of service and we hadn't replaced it for 3 weeks so one can imagine the amount of arena mamak thrash* and instant food we consumed. We basically cooked with a toaster oven and a rice cooker with a damaged teflon inner pot.

Just in case you're curious why I didn't consider a gas stove, it is to save the lives of arena green residents. Students might be careless with gas.

An induction stove is actually a very neat invention. It heats up really fast and it only cooks the food,not you. However, it is not conducive for stir frying because the food sticks on the pan before its cooked. Its either because it heats up too fast and/or the nature of the induction stove that uses magnetic energy to entice friction among molecules of metal messes with the food molecule as well(Don't believe me because I don't even fully believe myself in this). You can only use pots and pans that are made of metals that are magnetic,so if you want to know whether a pot can be used on an induction stove,just place a piece of magnet on it. The bottom has to be flat too.

Sorry for the late update but better late than never. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Comeback

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Me, This is LogicYuan.

For the past months, I have been focusing on my own development and keeping things I see,think and do to myself. Other than sharing to those around me, I have been neglecting a broader scope of people that follow my blog. All of a sudden, I felt selfish for not blogging. So I am now announcing my comeback! Be sure to see the next post by this Friday!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sorry for the long halt

This Blog will be under construction for the next couple of weeks and soon you will see a fresh! Stay tune!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

APIIT Bus Collision at Bukit Jalil LRT Station

See the photos and the text report is below.









On the afternoon of 3 July there was a severe collision involving the APIIT UCTI bus and a taxi. The bus in question was assigned LRT rounds on the day, and it was on its way to its destination when the collision took place. From several sources I have compiled this appropriately detailed report.

The bus carrying students to the LRT station from the college was on Lebuhraya Shah Alam, an expressway, about to turn into the Jalan Merah Cager, a busy junction due to there being a traffic signal. It was then that the bus driver realized that he couldn’t engage the breaks on the bus which was travelling fast but within limits.

According to accounts from several witnesses of the collision, the driver first used the pedal to brake, and that was when the brakes on the bus failed. Several people claimed that they saw sparks when the brakes were engaged, the sparks were issuing from the wheel arches of the bus, probably because the front left tire had exploded.

The driver however was determined to stop the bus and by this time he had already entered Jalan Merah Cager, barely keeping the bus steady on the corner as he tried, without prevail, to engage the hand break failing again to stop the bus.

At this point, further ahead, a taxi was cruising on the lane closest to the sidewalk, also driving his customer to the LRT station. Meanwhile the bus driver was now attempting to turn off the road, but given the speed, and no way to stop, he rammed the taxi in the rear and shattered the rear windscreen. The taxi was now moving sideways until it hit one of the pillars on the sidewalk, which supports the canopy. This made the taxi’s front end lurch to the left and ram into the other pillars of the canopy, which no longer stood shading the sidewalk, and instead crumpled to a heap on the side.

The bus however is a much heavier vehicle and so after it rammed into the taxi, it continued to advance right at the side walk at a 45 degree angle, at which point the front of the bus crashed right into the canopy at speed. As the canopy, which was made from tin, wrapped around the front, the bus had already gone completely across the sidewalk and that was when it finally came to a halt.

According the reports from witnesses, there was a woman in the taxi, who exit the taxi after the collision. She had suffered from cuts to her hands while coming out of the taxi due to the broken glass, and so she was bleeding. Reports also suggest that she was in shock when she emerged from the wreck. The students on the bus were all fine; apparently everyone was seated at the time of the crash which preventing them from being harmed in this unfortunate collision.

Credits to Sami,Sammie,Michael Lim,Saeid Hedari,Derek Ooi,Saeed (seebChe)

Below is the gif I made with the photos I took after they moved the bus so that it can be towed away.



Friday, June 12, 2009

I stood in front of the bus APIIT UCTI

My name is Loh Ji Yuan and I stopped the bus.

Around 9 o'clock in the morning, a yellow Bas Sekolah with a tiny APIIT/UCTI logo at its windscreen was stopping in front of the yellow box after the traffic light near Gate 1( near 7 Eleven) of Arena Green Apartments. It was a bus coming from Vista Komanwel going towards APIIT/UCTI’s Building in Technology Park Malaysia. It had stopped there for more than 30 seconds because of the traffic congestion.

I decided to cross the road from Arena Green to enter the bus. So I crossed the road and I looked at the traffic in front of the bus and made sure that the traffic in front is static. At that point in time, I knocked on the door of the bus. The bus driver that wore spectacles was on duty for that shift. He refused to open the door for me while the traffic was not moving.

So I walked from the side and stood in front of the bus to ask the bus driver to open the door for me and once again he refused.

I opened my arms wide and demanded, “WHY? WHY? WHY?”. The bus driver moved the bus forward even though he was fully aware that I was standing right in front of the bus. I did not budge, planting both of my feet firmly on the ground. The bus driver stepped on his brakes inches before me. I again continued to ask him “WHY? WHY? WHY?”.

At that moment, he opened the bus door to take my student ID, asked me to take it back from Mr. Anthony who is in charge of student discipline and then he ran back into the bus. I entered the bus before he closed the door. Minutes later, I finally set foot in APIIT.

That was what happened on 9th June 2009.


What went through my mind when I decided to stand in front of the bus?

I felt cheated. I felt I wasn’t being treated fairly. I felt I was being discriminated against. I stopped the bus. The fact that I felt discriminated was because the buses on numerous occasions picked up many other people from many different spots including the exact spot where I tried to catch the bus. I had to ask “WHY?”, what was the reason?

It’s moments like this that pushes people beyond their limits. There I stood, risking my life, irrationally. I have to apologize to all the ones that love me especially my parents but all I wanted, and stood for, was equal treatment.


I queued outside Mr.Anthony’s office waiting for my turn to see him. When my turn came, I walked into his room and told him I was there to take my student ID. He turned his head and spoke to Mr.Selva and said: “This is the boy who stopped the bus.” He told me that the buses are supposed to only stop at designated spots and not anywhere else. Vista Komanwel buses are not supposed to pick up students from Arena Green, only buses coming from the LRT station can pick up students from Arena Green, according to him. I tried not to react, I did not want to say something I would regret because I had anger in me. They told me that they would send a letter to inform my parents about this incident and warned me that if I stopped the bus once more I would have to face the disciplinary board. Mr. Anthony asked why I stood in front of the bus and wondered what could have happened, if the bus driver had been arrogant and if he had decided to not stop and drive over me. I told him I could have been injured or worse lost my life. After the discussion, I got my student ID and left.

I went for lunch and calmed myself down. I went to Mr. Anthony’s office again with my reasoning and thoughts that I couldn’t answer during the first session. I then expressed what went through my mind when I risked my life to stop the bus, which I have explained above. I made suggestions that they have proper signs to tell students about the designated spots.

Mr. Anthony accepted my suggestions but Mr. Selva interrupted and said that the location of the designated spots is a known fact to all the students and questioned me whether they have to have a large signboard showing people that? I admitted my mistake for being irrational and I said that I know I was wrong to stop the bus. I was merely trying to tell them why I did what I did. The first reason is because there was no proper notices on the bus that tells us where they should or should not stop. The second, is how the bus stopped for other people and not me.

Mr. Selva once again told me that I was wrong to do what I did. Again I explained that I knew I was wrong and admitted my mistake. But I was merely trying to tell them why I did what I did. Mr. Anthony suggested we end the conversation because we were going round and round and so we left his room.

I am glad that I stood up for something that I believed in but I feel guilt about the means I chose to stand up for my belief. It shouldn’t have been so reckless. So it doesn’t feel right and in fact quite wrong. So do not let your self do something like this.

Friday, May 29, 2009

StudentARC Leadership Camp 2009 #3

- Part 1Part 2 -
After the land mine exercise, comes this activity that tests our leadership,listening,courage and trust. 4 members have to stand on the 5 chairs in which 2 have to be blindfolded and the other two will have their hands tied up. The group leader will stay on the ground and provide instructions to the members and one tough guy will standby behind the people in case of accidents.
bildfolded and handtied blindfold and handtied
oops...that seems like an interesting angle? haha *you know what I mean?*
blind folded and tied hands
SARC members strategizing with mineral watter bottles before going on the battlefield.
nomin and leka
The two star wannabies Nomin from Mongolia and Leka from Tanzania.
blind folded and tied hands 2
Muru and Jaskirat, both focusing at the same section. 
judith and tefo
Judith got excited!
blind folded and tied hands 3
I had that "that's so easy!" look and Ike had the "I hope you know what you're doing" look.
blind folded and tied hands 4
My group in action!
blind folded and tied hands 5 blind folded and tied hands 6 blind folded and tired hands 7
All the guys were trying to look away while the girls was trying to...
kaveh's smile :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Appreciation Day 2009 Superhero Award Winners

jerry superman  (2)

Superman : Mr. Jerry Chong Chean Fuh

batman saw (2)

Batman : Mr.Saw Looi Beng

wolverine suresh

Wolverine : Mr. Suresh Naidu

storm melissa (2)

Storm : Melissa Migin

sharmini catwoman (2)

Catwoman : Ms. Lua Sharmini

judy wonderwoman (2)

Wonder Woman : Ms.Judyanne Sharmini

Credits: Derek Ooi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rescue the dogs

Full story Click HERE.

Look at these brave ladies trying to save the dogs by risking being bitten by poisonous snakes in the magrove. The least we could do is to donate some money, bet it 5 cents or 500 ringgit, we do what we can! I am planning to gather some money from all my friends and bank in to their CIMB account. It would be best if you could donate through CIMB online or Paypal on your own, but it would be more convenient to pass the money to me then feel free to do so.

For donation details Click HERE.
For rescue updates Click HERE.

Please help them!!! click HERE!!!

I have sent them an e-mail to volunteer. Please help them!

What I'm Doing in Penang

Many of you are curious, what do I do in Penang?

Well I can honestly tell you, I practically want to do nothing when I am back home besides helping my mom with her chores.

When I do not have any responsibilities, I rest and forget all my worries with a cup of Kopi-O.

LogicYuan @ Toh Soon Cafe Kopi-O

Photo taken with Sony Ericsson K800i at Toh-Soon Cafe(off Campbell Street).

Just in case if you wonder why my spectacles looks a little unique, they are not sunglasses, those are Therapeutic Pinhole Glasses.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

StudentARC Leadership Camp 2009 #2

Continued from the1st part.

Next up is the land mine exercise. One has to be blind folded and another has to give instructions to the blind folded to go across all the landmines to the destination.

balzhan and darshini

I can't help but to imagine comic bubbles for these two. LOL

trust can

Check out Derek behind.

Tefo Salome Alfred

Look at Alfred. LOL The weather must be scorching hot!!!

anita premila paul

Ms. Anita preaching to these kids...


Yours truly sharing his experience.

Mark and Kai

Here comes the camp buddies' moment of truth.

Mihika and siavosh

LOL these two...

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ashuminator Salvation

the_curious_case_of_ashutosh dwivedi

After yesterday's update on The Curious Case of Ashutosh Dwivedi, I shall update on Ashuminator Salvation.

Ashuminator Salvation poster

Ashu went through the surgery safe and sound.

ashuminator 523

Once we arrived, we went to Room 523.

ashuminator salvation

ashuminator salvation group pic

The hospital food was bland so we brought Ashu Naan bread from Taj Curry House.

ashuminator having naan with dhal

Ashu went through uretheroscopy first where they insert the equipment into his urethra looking for the kidney stones,break them and flush them out. After that its J stenting which is the placement of a stent used to dilate the ureter and allow stones that may have got stuck in the ureter to pass. That will stay in his body for approximately 3 weeks and he will have to go back to the hospital to remove it.

Image source.

The above image is an example of how it looks inside his body when the scope goes into his body. The yellow object is the kidney stone. It will then be broken down into smaller pieces by a drill like object at the front.

ashuminator stones

These are the broken bits of the kidney stones from Ashu's body.

the nurse treating ashuminator

The nurse coming to check his blood pressure and body temperature again. According to Ashuminator, he has been asked 21 times about his allergies and explaining the same thing to them every single time is tiring. This is due to the fact that there are many student nurse in Subang Jaya Medical Centre and they rotate a lot to have more practice but can't they just check from his file or something?

sami parvez

Sami from Malawi was all fascinated by the modern facilities in the ward.

ashuminator disinfectant

At last we disinfected our hands before we left. Ashuminator will be discharged before 12pm the next day. Wish him well!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Curious Case of Ashutosh Dwivedi

My cell phone rang this afternoon. I looked at the screen and it says Ashu. "There must be something happening..." those were the words in my mind. I picked up the phone and he requested for water at the 3rd floor beside the library. He said it was an emergency. I told Priyanka to take care of my stuff in the syndicate room and I rushed to the 3rd floor with my bottle.

He was there with Darshini and her tupperware.  I passed him my bottle and he explained his situation to me. I called Derek to borrow his car to bring him to the clinic. When I went to his car in the carpark beside APIIT. The serious double parking and sometimes even triple parking condition in the carpark has delayed the trip to the clinic for quite a while. He was in tremendous pain , Priyanka's calls came in asking me to hurry and I couldn't do anything about it. I called the guy and he was walking all the way from enterprise III to the carpark. A solution has to be made about the carpark situation in APIIT. A college with 5000+ students only have enough carpark for 200 cars?At last that guy came. I quickly drove to the APIIT entrance and picked him up alongside Momo. Ashu was in pain, I tried to go really slow whenever we meet a road bump but it still hurts for him. Went to Klinik Sentral in Sri Petaling. It was this lady Punjabi doctor and she is fierce! The face she put up when Ashu requested her to change the referral letter's hospital, phew....boy,it was nasty! 

After that I drove to APIIT. Dropped Momo at Arena Green on the way. Picked up Derek and headed to Subang Jaya Medical Centre with the guidance of Derek's GPS phone. We went to the emergency ward. He was in there waiting for the specialist to admit him. Derek and I waited there for around 2 hours. The specialist came and decides he has to do a CT scan.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi

Aravin,Derek,Farhud,Kaveh and I were there with him waiting for his bladder to get full before going for the CT scan. Btw, he has a medical history of kidney stones.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 2

Ashutosh on the phone explaining his situation to numerous friends.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 8

Ashu in pain.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 6

Ashu text messaging his friends even when in pain.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 5

Kaveh disappointed with Ashu being busy contacting others despite being sick.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 7

After his CT scan, the specialist told him that the kidney stone that is causing him pain is not that severe but he has another 8mm kidney stone before his bladder.

Surgery is required. It will take place tomorrow.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 4

He is currently admitted to room 523(South Tower) in Subang Jaya Medical Centre which is now called Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya.

Click here for the location map.

the curious case of ashutosh dwivedi 9

Show your support and care to Ashutosh! A friend in need is a friend indeed.