Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruumz,Spirit and Orange

Sorry people for not updating for so long, I was actually working on a new template but the CSS codes confused the hell out of me. For now I do not want to wait till I change into the new template before posting,so here you go!

Went to Ruumz.com's blogger sharing session in PJ yesterday. A new portal for Malaysians!Nice ideas!

Ruumz blogger sharing sessionGroup Photo! Look at David(second from left)! Official introduced each other with Amanda(the one beside me).I wonder what was Vanes trying to do. Josh,I didn't know you get red so fast..LOL Check out the rest of the photos in facebook.

Just came back from Advertlet's Spirit Screening.

The Red,Black and White graphics are really sexy but the jokes were pretty lame.

Met Missy Cheerio for the 1st time!

I just like the colour-orange because I feel happy looking at orange!

1 comment:

Drew Lee said...

Hola ji yuan,

Thanks for blogging about ruumz.
By the way, your pictures on the X'mas get together night with ruumz team are available at here - http://theworkingruum.ruumz.com/Photos/Album.aspx.

Happy new year!

The ruumz team