Thursday, December 25, 2008

LogicYuan's Christmas Eve

Just found out I'm actually 'that' tanned after comparing myself to many other people this week. You like me tanned? lol

Christmas Eve, something like our Chinese New Year's Eve dinner for the west. Some people choose to party, some people feel obligated to have dinner with their family members or some just wanna relax at home and chill. 

The Minimalists Christmas
(I set my camera on the tripod and snapped this shot without informing them,I just thought "posed" family shots are too common)

As far as I remember, this is the 1st time I spent my Christmas eve out of Penang. As you can see in the photo above, just me and my parents at the dining table, munching fruits in the rented apartment in Klang Valley. I miss everything in Penang! No worries,will be back home in a few days!

xmas food
(Clockwise from top left,Garlic Fried Rice,Pan fried Salmon Fish Tail,Budweiser Beer and Tetley's English Ale,Steamed Cod)

Simple and delicious home cooked food. Perfect! It has been a long time since I last had Cod.

books and mags xmas

These are books and magazines that I browsed through. All of them were on offer so I bought them. The mags are 2 for RM5, they're a little old but still good.

LogicYuan grabbed by an Elephant

Ellie! Here's our camwhore pic! Ellie the Elephant lifted me with her trunk! Just kidding.

2 messengers at the same time

Found out about a new feature on Windows Live Messenger while webcam-ing with Missy Cheerio. You can actually sign in from 2 different devices with the same account at the same time! Try it yourself. You can sign in with 2 different computers or you can still sign in the messenger with your cellphone without disconnecting your messenger in your home PC and use both at the same time!



wow,merry xmas..

amuyo tomoko said...

i've tried signing into Windows Live Messenger with different devices, but it ended up the previous one was sign out....

wonder how you managed to sign in with it :D

Ji Yuan said...

HanPinn>Merry Xmas to u too!

amuyo tomoko>I'm using the latest Windows Live Messenger Version 2009(Build 14.0.8050.1202)

Go to help and check about messenger to look at which version you're using xD

amuyo tomoko said...

oh... no wonder....
hahaha... then i think i'll be able too :D

ikanbilis said...

where did you get those magazines?

-waiseng- said...

fortune telling? LOL

Ji Yuan said...

amuyo tomoko>try! xD

ikanbilis>Popular Bookstore at the Summit,Subang

waiseng>haha just for fun! said...

did u let the elephant step over u? that 1 bring luck leh