Sunday, December 07, 2008

A list of short thoughts

I was brought up in a middle income family and I didn't have many luxury indulgences other than food but the bottom line is that my parents provided me a comfortable life. I do see people living in poverty as I used to walk to low cost flat areas myself to explore but I never quite see what were the sacrifices that the people have to make behind the scenes. Most of my closer friends are wealthy and never really face any huge problems in their everyday life. As I grow up, I see more and I listen to more. I learn about other people's experiences. Like instance I have a friend that married a man because her family needed financial help and end up with a person that she doesn't love romantically for life. Another friend of mine, her dad loves the family so much but he has a very very bad habit, which is to gamble, I guess I don't have to elaborate what gambling can do to a family. I think I will stop here.

I watched "Chak De India" the other day. Its an Indian film starred by Shahrukh Khan(Yes that dude that Malaysia wants to give Datukship to!). The story was nothing great,predictable just like all the other inspirational sports movies. Just in case you do not know,its about a women's hockey team in India that is being looked down and then in the end wins. I don't mind watching inspirational sports film that are not too interesting in their plot because I love sports and the sporting spirit never fails to touch me. The thing I like most about the film is it reflects the cultural and ethnic differences in India itself. I bet many of you think Indians are just Indians,what's the difference? There are actually lots of parts of India that have people that look different and speak different languages. We all know the hot North Indians from the Hindi movies and also the Tamilians that are the majority of the Indians in Malaysia, of course I cannot miss out the Punjabis that usually are minorities in many countries but they are everywhere but of course you cannot compare them to Chinese people. Chinese are everywhere! There also people in India that looks like East Asians with small eyes and petite size. Those live near the Himalaya region. Anyway one nice discovery, I didn' t know Punjabi women are known to be bullies! Haha! No offense k! Just joking! I still think Punjabi women are hot! Don't kill me!

To judge or not to judge?

I can't prevent myself from judging people sometimes, I guess I am human after all.

Some stewardess parked at my parking lot with Victoria's Secret paper bags in the car and also clothes and suitcases scrambled all over the backseat and frontseat. Had the guard to clamp it and I had to park at the lot reserved for the disabled. WTF!

Sami was out in his balcony and someone poured disgusting stuff and it got onto his head. OMG! Mad people! Not to mention I actually tossed expired raw chicken from the 16th floor before but I tossed it far!


Firehorse said...

What kind of lame excuse is that "guess I am human after all" should be the reverse, the fact that you are human that's why you should not judge other humans until you have walk a mile in their shoes.

Waterhorse/Sami said...

Oddly enough... any animal alike and often unlike judges the other alike or unlike.
Thats why fighting and loving is a part of every one's nature. Who are we, humans, that we are exempt from our natural inclinations. Afterall negative judgement leads to fighting and positive leads to relationships.
Just because we have the title of Human and consider ourselves the smartest, doesnt mean we are not of this nature. Afterall walking in someone else's shoes is a judgement too. The difference is its positive.
There is no such thing as no judgement, we all do it. All OF US... even animals Logic. There are dogs that have been proven to be racist...

shagun said...

hie samis couzin here... i like ur blog... keep it h ur going to go through ur archive now...

krizstyle said...

lolx! wat was it on sami's head? poor sami!!!

hehe like it or not, i judge ppl too sadly :(