Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fire in Arena Green

The day before yesterday, there was a fire in Arena Green Apartment, Bukit Jalil. The unit involved was in Block F. I was sleeping at that time because I was so tired from the previous day, I slept from 8pm till 8am. Non of my housemates knew about it until yesterday. I am living 2 apartment blocks away so we had no idea. I actually found out when my classmate AbdulMajed was having a chat with me yesterday morning.

*Credits to Nadya Yuliana for the photos.

Fire in Arena Green

The fire brigade was here for the rescue!

Fire in Bukit Jalil

Apparently many residents came down to watch the fire.

Fire in Bukit Jalil

According to a resident Jerry Ling said that when the fire brigades was trying to pump water into the fire zone, it squirted several times instead. The civilians were laughing their ass off having to witness that hilarious moment.

I guess it hadn't been in use since it was created?

Fire in Arena Green

I've asked a collegemate(Sarah Yulianti) of mine that lives on the same floor. The exact virtual conversation is as follows:

Ji Yuan Loh says:
how was the fire yesterday?
sarah says:
its in front of my house!!
panic shock
Ji Yuan says:
sarah says:
how do u know??
of course
Ji Yuan says:
my classmate told me
n then i asked nadya
she posted the pictures in facebook?
sarah says:
when my friend opn the door,, its full of smoke n people were screamin
Ji Yuan says:
can u tell me the whole situation that you know?
i want to post it on my blog
sarah says:
where were u?
u should took a picture
Ji Yuan says:
i was sleeping
sarah says:
Ji Yuan says:
i slept at 8pm to 8am
sarah says:
some people says it bcz of the water heater
some says electricity
but i think its from the room
Ji Yuan says:
the house was empty?
nobody stays there?
sarah says:
hey gtg

Fire in Arena Green

If any of you have more information on the incident, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at j_y333[at]


SamiHutan said...

Good work!! you sound so much like a reporter! make the squirt thing more obvious though, add an adverb before 'squirting' like 'lifelessly squirting or weakly squirting'.

You should consider being a special corespondant, i think about it somtimes.

Kervin said...

I knew you'd post.
From what I SAW, the fire IS on the bedroom.
From what I HEARD that there was NO ONE home, no idea where they are at the moment, but from the furniture, I think there are people living in it.
Then I GUESS the fire would be from cigarette or other electric devices.
And in my OPINION, the firefighters weren't so professional in attitude, they take times to finish the (considered) small fire and they seems to take it easily.
Hope those help.


Jys said...

wow, scary ler..

few days ago my condo here also got one small fire. luckily nobody injured!!