Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas for Payatas

The video depicts the harsh conditionthe people has to face everyday. Imagine if you have no money to buy food and your only way to survive is to go to the huge and smelly rubbish dump to dig for food and materials that might be sold to gain a little money. Many people including politicians,entrepreneurs and even footballers like Ray Parlour from Arsenal and Lee Sharpe from Manchester United are contributing to help the poor. Don't just stare at your monitor screen! Do what you can! Hop over to and make a donation!

The landfill in Payatas, The Philippines, is notoriously known the world over as Smoke Mountain. For over 35 years, the smoking dump site has grown to become a stark and heart-tugging reminder of the desperate conditions of humanity.On a daily basis, children pick through newly arrived garbage to collect material to sell. The earnings made by one child are not enough to even buy food for the day. Hence, entire families are forced to climb the mountain each day, hoping to earn enough to feed everyone. Children as young as four years old are forced to work in this daily struggle for survival. 

You can actually forecast whether london will snow on Christmas day and actually win a bet! 30% of the proceeds will go to Christmas for Payatas. You can make your bet by clicking here or click on the image below!

Don't just stare at your monitor! Click on the donation button below and do what you can! 

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