Thursday, October 02, 2008

2008 Raya Foodlog @ Penang Day 2

Today, mom made me 2 eggs and fried a piece of ham for me.

Sunny Side Up and Fried Ham

Didn't have much for lunch except for some fruits.

Homemade Fruit Tart

Had some fruit tart homemade by the woman I love the most during tea time.

Thai Food for Dinner

Wanted to go downtown for some good Thai food but had to resort to somewhere in Sungai Ara. The food wasn't that good.

Starbucks Coffee and Playing Cards

Planned to go to Hai Yun and went all the way there just to find out that the singers are on leave. Headed to Starbucks E-Gate. Had Coffee and Chor Dai Dee-ed with Tung, Chien Yee and Chun Hoong.

What to eat tomorrow?


Sami said...

I am gonna have a kinda similar breakfast. Protein meals now have a poster-child.
Those strawberries look deadly ravishing, even if their innocence is yellow.

Ji Yuan said...

Erm...the kiwis are suppose to be green but we ate the green ones and left those that are yellow...

if not it can become a traffic light,green yellow & red

Sami said...

Hmm, if only real traffic lights were tarts that lit up...

QuaChee said...

wow yr photo looks nice - even simple mums cooking :)

Korea Tech News said...

I love the banner at the top of you blog, what did you use to make it?

X-tin said...

Nice food... :D