Saturday, September 06, 2008

APIIT Multicultural Night 2008 - Part 2

APIIT Multicultural Night View 2008

Look at the beautiful night view of APIIT Multicultural Night 2008!

Foxer Kids Foxer Kid dance crew

A Hip-hop dance performance by the Foxer Kids of APIIT.

Chinese Traditional Music

A Chinese traditional instrument played a lovely student from China. This reminds me of my high school days of being in a Chinese Orchestra. Its actually interesting to see her using the wristband to hold the microphone.

Sami Parvez LogicYuan Desiree Chow

Here comes a lucky draw session. You can finally spot me in this photo!

Here comes the highlight of the night!

APIIT Business Lecturers Crossdressing

APIIT & UCTI Business Lecturers showed another side of themselves in the cross-dressing parade.

APIIT Business Lecturers Crossdressing

Now don't tell me the lectures are boring! For those that didn't attend the APIIT Multicultural Night, I can just say this:"You missed a lot!!!"

Hot APIIT Business Lecturers
(check out the bush above the "chest-ticles"..LOL)

As business lecturers, they sure know what people mean by Sex Sells!

Suresh Akzhelen Suan Javad

Happy people at the Multicultural Night.

Serpent Ash Heavy Metal APIIT

The performances ended with a Heavy Metal band performance by a band called Serpent Ash.

Wondering where are the APIIT fashion models? Stay tuned...its coming soon...


amuyo tomoko said...

The capture on the night view was beautiful... i really wished that i was there..

anyway, it's really great that lecturers do participate in the activities too... that is the best part in APIIT College... Students and lecturers do participate in all activities... (this would be the best memory for me)

james said...

is real cool ur events..
great to know u're 1 of the organizer..
spotted u in d lucky draw session..

Sami said...

Nice pictures!
And thanks for showing me where the Mic was for the Chinese instrumental performance, i thought at the time it was pre-recorded, then later i was told there was a mic involved, but i never saw it until now.

ikanbilis said...

how did the lecturers get to agree to do such thing?

Ji Yuan said...

amuyo>why weren't you there?it was great!

james>Haha thanks!

Sami>No prob!

ikanbilis>they didn't agree,they were the ones who planned their performances,we didn't know they were going to do that until that very moment..haha

amuyo tomoko said...

i wasn't there because i'm already not a apiit student... sigh...

and i really didn't know the actual date of this event..