Thursday, September 04, 2008

APIIT Multicultural Night 2008 - Part 1

Wohooo!!!!!!!!! LogicYuan is finally updating his blog! Are you feeling excited? No? At least I am!

The APIIT Multicultural Night 2008 was brought to you by APIIT StudentArc on 22nd August 2008.

APIIT MultiCultural Night Day View Decoration

The view of APIIT foyer before dusk. (Basically it ain't Multicultural Night yet)

I'm sorry for not being able to have a full coverage of the event as I wasn't on Photographer mode but my setting was tuned to the Group Performance mode.

APIIT Botswanian Performance

The Botswanians' poetic and musical performance.

APIIT Indonesian Traditional Dance

An Indonesian Traditional Dance performed by 2 Dinda's.

Ilona Fernades Belly dance

A very sexy Belly dancing influenced exotic dance by Ilona Fernandes.

The Masai Warriors of APIIT

The Masai Warriors(East African Culture) of APIIT.

Anita Premila Paul

Next comes the "Getaran Jiwa" duet by Anita and Jerry.

Jerry Chong

The students' craze - Jerry Chong.

Iranian Musical Performance APIIT

The Iranian Musical Performance by Arash(Persian Drum) and Ashkan(Violin).

African Fusion Dance

Here comes the energetic African Fusion Dance by people from the same continent.


APIIT Multicultural Night 2008 part 2 - coming soon...


Stux said...

A night to be remembered!!!!!!!

icalvyn said...

hey..your sch got so many black guys?

amuyo tomoko said...

It's really an interesting update on the multicultural night.

Although the photos are not many but I still enjoy reading your post. ^.^

Anonymous said...

where d event held?
it's in your coll or?

Ji Yuan said...

stux>Yes it is

icalvyn>Yes there are a lot of african people in my college

amuyo tomoko>updated with more pictures =)

anonymous>Yes,the student activity and recreational council organised it in the college

Anonymous said...

wow.. where did this happened? i am an ex apiitian, but during our time, there weren't such activities ever happened!

Ji Yuan said...

blacksnail> the variety and volume of the students have increased,so more activities are conducted =) ex apiitians are welcomed to be back to enjoy these kind of performances or maybe perform, in fact,ex apiitians can join sports tournaments during the annual sports carnival