Saturday, September 06, 2008

Save and Invest Malaysia

Earlier today, I submitted a few money saving tips to It's a project powered by CIMB Bank.

Saving and Investment Tips for Malaysians by Malaysians

Their tagline is "Saving and Investment Tips for Malaysians by Malaysians" which I kinda like.

They will be giving out One Year Broadband Connection for free by Celcom for chosen users that submit the best tips around town, so why not give it a try?

As a student, I have a habit of saving money in every aspect in my life except for food(xD can't help it). So basically I just have to register and tell people how I do it and also learn from other people on the site.

tips for saving electricity

This is the 1st tip that I shared. Basically I try to charge my laptop and handphone in college to save on my apartment's electricity bill.

tips for saving petrol electricity and water

The 2nd tip I shared is about going to fitness centers. If you have fitness incorporated into your lifestyle then pick a gym that is near to your workplace so that you can go there after work and avoid the rush hour traffic jam that is gonna consume a lot of petrol. Take your heavenly hot shower at the fitness center so that you can save on your water bill and also electricity for the heater.

So just go submit your tips at!!! To stand a chance to win free broadband for one year!


Anonymous said...

I am glad they came up with this. It lets malaysians interact more with each other, which is something they avoid. Its a shame it has to come to online cometitions to get people to contribute advise into people's lives. But its better than nothing.

james said...

ur post always impress me..

Lasker said...

hi hi ..
There was a time when ShoutOut played a part in your online blogging life .. and we want you to know that we have shifted to

Please do add ShoutOut back to your blog and join us like you used to last time.

We missed you :)


Ji Yuan said...

anonymous>at least there's something right?

james>haha thanks for appreciating

lasker>oh..ok..its a bit huge,would be better if u could make it hide into a smaller button...I missed you guys too,its just that I wasn't too active in blogging anymore,so i removed it