Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arabian Night Pre-event Promotion

The Arabic Student Community in my college organised an Arabian Cultural Event two weeks ago.

Arabian Bazaar

They had a mini Arabian bazaar that is colourful and attractive.

Arabian Crowd

After my class this crowd was getting very excited and they were dancing away.

Arabian Tribal Mask

I went and checked out the Arabian Cultural Exhibition.

Muslim Manuscripts on Goat Skin

It is the first time I've ever seen scriptures made of animal skin.

Miniature Egyptian Slave Statue

Spotted this interesting looking statue.

Illuminated manuscript arabian

I touched those materials and they were very nice.

The Khanjar Arabian Dagger

These are the Khanjar, they're Arabian Daggers.

Arabian Hand-art

Arabian girls drawing beautiful patterns on the hands of other girls.

Arabian Men

Arabian dudes!

Arabian Traditional Costume

Here comes Logic! I was in this costume that made me look like Sinbad.

Arabian Photographer taking photos

Next up

Kazakhstan Kazakh Girl Pharaoh Costume

Aya in Pharaoh costume :)

Arabian whore camwhore

LOL Don't you bloggers have the same disease as this dude?

Maharaja Hip Hop
LogicYuan in Sultan costume!

To be continued with the Arabian Night...


Melvin said...

Where's Borat man??

Ji Yuan said...

The girl in Pharaoh costume is from Kazakhstan and sadly Borat was absent..LOL

Anyway,we just can't tease them enough don't we?

pinyin said...

The hanna design is so beautiful!!! :P

MoDiToO said...

great coverage .. the way its been written and photo-wise as well .. i would be more than happy to help u with more photos bro as far as u wouldnt mind the water mark ...