Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arabian Night @ College

Check out my performance on that night!


Here is the continuation of the Arab Night event.

LogicYuan in Arabilogic mode

LogicYuan in Arabilogic mode!


Backstage picture of the music club performers before the event.

Tanzanian Dancers

Took a picture with the dancers from Tanzania.

The Arabian Ambassadors

Arabian ambassadors on their seats enjoying the performances.

Arabian Group Dance

This was one of the spectacular performances of the night. They have a leader to command their moves, it was like the Arabian version of "Stomping".

Ilona Fernandes

My friend being shy on stage..Haha

Arabian Dance Dance Revolution

Patricia Jacqueline

Patty giving her Whitney Houston performances.


The crowd was awesome!

Sudanese Dance

A Sudanese traditional dance.

Arabian African Mixed Rapping

Arabian African mixed rap!

LogicYuan ambush Sami Parvez

LOL just a backstage prank!


CynCyn said...

the last picture was GOOD!
hahahahhahahahaa HANG LOGIC!

MoDiToO said...

im a fan of ur bloggin bro .. keep up de good work

Ji Yuan said...

cyncyn>thanks haha...

moditoo>thanks for the affirmation!