Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arabian Night @ College

Check out my performance on that night!


Here is the continuation of the Arab Night event.

LogicYuan in Arabilogic mode

LogicYuan in Arabilogic mode!


Backstage picture of the music club performers before the event.

Tanzanian Dancers

Took a picture with the dancers from Tanzania.

The Arabian Ambassadors

Arabian ambassadors on their seats enjoying the performances.

Arabian Group Dance

This was one of the spectacular performances of the night. They have a leader to command their moves, it was like the Arabian version of "Stomping".

Ilona Fernandes

My friend being shy on stage..Haha

Arabian Dance Dance Revolution

Patricia Jacqueline

Patty giving her Whitney Houston performances.


The crowd was awesome!

Sudanese Dance

A Sudanese traditional dance.

Arabian African Mixed Rapping

Arabian African mixed rap!

LogicYuan ambush Sami Parvez

LOL just a backstage prank!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arabian Night Pre-event Promotion

The Arabic Student Community in my college organised an Arabian Cultural Event two weeks ago.

Arabian Bazaar

They had a mini Arabian bazaar that is colourful and attractive.

Arabian Crowd

After my class this crowd was getting very excited and they were dancing away.

Arabian Tribal Mask

I went and checked out the Arabian Cultural Exhibition.

Muslim Manuscripts on Goat Skin

It is the first time I've ever seen scriptures made of animal skin.

Miniature Egyptian Slave Statue

Spotted this interesting looking statue.

Illuminated manuscript arabian

I touched those materials and they were very nice.

The Khanjar Arabian Dagger

These are the Khanjar, they're Arabian Daggers.

Arabian Hand-art

Arabian girls drawing beautiful patterns on the hands of other girls.

Arabian Men

Arabian dudes!

Arabian Traditional Costume

Here comes Logic! I was in this costume that made me look like Sinbad.

Arabian Photographer taking photos

Next up

Kazakhstan Kazakh Girl Pharaoh Costume

Aya in Pharaoh costume :)

Arabian whore camwhore

LOL Don't you bloggers have the same disease as this dude?

Maharaja Hip Hop
LogicYuan in Sultan costume!

To be continued with the Arabian Night...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

APIIT Appreciation Day 2008 #2

Here comes the anticipated part 2!

Teachers' day cake

Next up is the award presentation ceremony where titles are given to lecturers and staff based on APIITians' votes.

apiit ucti lecturers and staff at appreciation day 2008

Amongst these people, who will get the titles?

The Ms.Fashionable award goes to.......


Ms. Lua Sharmini!!! I'm sorry Ms.Lua if you're reading this but I had to post this picture, its too "high" not to be kept in my own picture archive.

Ms.LUA SHARMINI Ms.Fashionable

For those who voted for me, especially my students, you're dead! (Sharmini,2008)

oops, citation pula...Haha!

Mr.Personality goes to........

suresh naidu receiving the throne

Mr.Suresh Naidu!!!

suresh naidu mr.personality

Mr.Genius went to.....

saw looi beng delightful moment

Mr. Saw Looi Beng!

saw looi beng mr.genius

Quote Mr.Saw - "It's hard to differentiate a genius and an idiot, as both will tell you something like the answer to 1+1 is not equals to 2."

Binary anyone?

Next up, the top 3 most appreciated lecturers...

Jerry Chong Chean Fuh

First one goes to... Mr.Jerry Chong! Well he actually explained that he is not exactly a lecturer, he's a tutor but he still like to thank all of those who appreciates him.

suresh naidu sadasivan

He mentioned that he didn't really mean this when he said he'll be back earlier but we cannot deny the fact that his students heart him.

malaysian freedom fighters education

Wondering what happened to another most appreciated lecturer?and where's Ms.Gorgeous?

Other than lecturers, we should no forget the hardwork by the staff.

*Sorry for some of the blur photos, my camera was running on low battery and I had to borrow a point & shoot cam from someone, didn't have time to tweak with the settings.

The most appreciated staff award goes to..... *drumroll*

Mr. Anthonysamy APIIT Student Administration Manager

*The emcees weren't wearing their tags on stage. Watch out! LOL

The next one goes to...... an employee from student services.....


Ms.Chong Pooi Yee!!!

Ms. Nadiah Suki won the Ms.Goodwill award and the other Most Appreciated Staff award was won by Mr.Viswa.

teachers' day cake cutting ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony.

Ms. Gorgeous Melissa Migin

Okay! She finally came after her class, Ms.Gorgeous goes to Ms. Melissa Migin!!! At the same time she also received the title as one of the most appreciated lecturers.

lecturers enjoying themselves

Lecturers and staff enjoying themselves during the guitar song dedication session.

SARC Appreciation day group pic

A small group picture of StudentARC discluding those that are still working at that time.

Ok! Time to go back to my assignments. Hope all of you enjoyed viewing the pictures.
ARAB NIGHT, coming soon....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

APIIT Appreciation Day 2008 #1

The Appreciation Day represents a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed for the vital contribution that lecturers make to education and development without forgetting the staff of APIIT that had also worked hard to run this big family.

The event kicked off with performances from the APIIT Music Club.

Sami Parvez Michael Buble Everything
Sami Parvez sang Michael Buble's "Everything".

Rebecca Chimheno Zimbabwe African Girl Singing

Followed by Rebecca Chimheno's vocal performance on 2 songs. First was "All This Time" by Michelle McManus followed by the highlight- Mariah Carey's "Without You" as the outstanding performance touched the heart and souls of the audience.

Amos Wafula Kenya African Guy Singing
Amos Wafula did a cover of "Another Day in Paradise" originally by Phil Collins. The Kenyan solo artist wooed the crowd with his unique vocals and his flair on keyboard.

Audience of University and College Lecturers
Next up, the hosts invited staff and lecturers together to play a game.

Passing the parcel party game music game
The name of the game is called Passing the Parcel.

Participants have to pass the parcel around the circle of people and music will be going on at the same time. At the moment the music stops, the participants that has the parcel in hand has to pick a ticket from the parcel and perform the act written on the paper. So you can imagine or rather see for yourself how fast they were passing the parcel.

Intan Cempaka
The lucky number one goes to Ms.Intan. Her task was to get shot and die in a dramatic way.

Two armed lecturers in a shootout
They even prepared gun replicas for the act. Haha!

the dramatical death
Okay, I know the word "dramatical" is wrong, but i just like the sound of it.

the pick from the parcel
The second round went to Mr.Charles. By right the parcel would have fell into his wife's hands but he held the parcel in hand like a gentlemen.

Mr.Charles Malaysia's Next Top Model
The host asked him to read out what was written on it and perform the task. The humorous guy actually said:"Sit down and do absolutely nothing." Haha!

He had to state 3 reasons why people should vote for him as Malaysia's Next Top Model.

That's all for part 1...

Stay tune for part 2 as there's where the excitement begins...