Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Penang is HOT!

I'm currently in Penang having a warm time! Warm in terms of a warmly home and also in terms of temperature.

Fresh water lobsters Spice Market Rasa Sayang Shangri-La Batu Ferringhi
FOOD! I'm enjoying myself with the food in Penang. Went to Spice Market in Rasa Sayang.


teddY said...

I'm in Penang too! At Bukit Mertajam to be exact, on vacation. Anyway, I never knew there's this Spice Market in Rasa Sayang! It has been ages since I last went to a beach hotel, and I miss the scenery and the food there!

Have fun! XD

p/s: You're blessed with neat, nice teeth!

Ji Yuan said...

Rasa Sayang is a nice place and nice in terms of price too,I bet you know what I mean! :)

reply to the p/s:I'm grateful that it looks nice but its not perfect as there's one below that is a bit out of place but I still like my teeth! :)

iCalvyn said...

is that a lobster? so small. can eat ah?

simpleyesa said...

owwwwwww, i'm digging the picture. Have fun in Penang (wherever that is.. hehe).

Thanks for the blog visit my friend. Please visit again and ummm.. leave me a comment, k?