Monday, May 26, 2008

Marie Digby Live in Malaysia Media Conference

Finally I'm updating about Marié Digby after the Sneak Peak post. The reason I took such a long time to update about this is due to the fact that I was busy handling some stuff for my college's sports carnival, and secondly is because I HAD TOO MANY PICTURES OF MARIE that I had a very hard time choosing which picture to post...Sorry for the picture quality as it is compromised to ensure faster loading of my blog page...

Marie Digby and LogicYuan

Thanks to Advertlets, I had a chance to meet Marie Digby in person. I'm loving every bit of her songs now! Had a chance to take a picture of her before the conference start. She was actually there earlier than the media which is very rare among celebrities.

Marie Digby's Indian Bodyguard in Malaysia

I actually this Indian bodyguard was quite cool and I wanted to take a picture of him and he was actually camera shy, he adjusted his tie and then slowly looked away! Haha! The tough guy is SHY!

Marie Digby interview

She's this fun and friendly girl that has no big ass attitudes which I admire.

Marie Digby Live in Malaysia


Marie Digby Live in Malaysia Media Conference


Marie Digby singing paint me in your sunshine

Marie sang "Paint Me in Your Sunshine" for the media.

Uncle Josh LogicYuan Josh Lim Shaz David Lai

I just noticed... ALL JEANS....

Wonderful Marie Digby


Marie Digby's smile

I'm so-so-so-so-so-so addicted to her songs now!

Check out her channel on youtube here.

Marie Digby Live in Malaysia Performance Showcase post coming soon..

logicyuan playing with the guitar marie digby used


Jamie said...

is that HER guitar?! =O

Anston said...

Wah, so good lar u, can get so close with her!